The Martial Artist’s Mindset

In last week’s video where we went in-depth about our Core Values, I posed the following question: What characteristics do YOU think make up the Martial Artist’s Mindset? Here’s a list of just some of the answers posted: Humility Discipline Patience Desire Persistence Determination Compassion Mindfulness Focus Humble Playful Poise Perseverance Inner drive Willingness to…

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Our 5 Core Values In-Depth

Here’s the vid: After watching the video, I’d love to hear your answer to the question… What characteristics do YOU think make up the Martial Artist’s Mindset? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the Comments below and in a few days, I’ll share the characteristics I believe define it and exactly who I want to work with. -…

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Getting to the CORE

This is a picture of a sunset at my cottage. I’ve used it as the lead-in to this blog post because the sun is about to set on one chapter of my life. [I'm a poet and don't even know it. Har har har.] Now, some of you reading this may already know what’s going…

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Meet Chazz. This is his story.

Chazz is one of my powerDOJO Kyoudai. He’s been a member for a long time now. One of the things I encourage the Kyoudai do is participate in the Forum – share their training logs, talk about their successes and get help to deal with obstacles and challenges in their lives, not just fitness. That’s how…

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How to Train Champions

If you’re like me, as a Coach, you get totally jazzed with the idea of training a champ… Perhaps you’ve already done it. If so, KUDOS to you. I know how much time and effort goes into working with high-level athletes and it’s no joke. I’ve had the privilege of helping Jeff Joslin win a Canadian…

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Submitting Bigger Opponents in BJJ

Guest Article by BJJ Black Belt Dan Faggella It’s safe to say that submitting a larger opponent is not the easiest task in the world. With the attribute of strength probably not being on your side in this situation, you have to rely on other things. There is definitely a certain philosophy when it comes…

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New Exercise to Unlock Your Hips

DISSOCIATION is not just what happens when you follow Joe Rogan’s advice and take Peyote, it’s a powerful concept that most guys need to train for better movement. Often because of repetitive movements from sports we play or exercises we do, certain muscles/movements can get hard-wired together so that whenever one muscle fires or one…

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nutrition-itsu Part 5: Individualization

Don’t need too much preamble as the title of this post tells you exactly what we’re about to talk about. For more information about powerDOJO, visit the link below:

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nutrition-itsu Part 4: Micronutrients

In Part 4, we’re going to talk about the MICRONUTRIENTS, which include: [green_plus_2_list width="100%"] Vitamins Minerals Phytonutrients Bacteria (probioitics) Enzymes Fats (while it’s a macronutrient, I’ve included it here to discuss the different types)[/green_plus_2_list] Here are some links to the different supplements I talked about: Probiotics: BioTrust | Garden of Life Digestive Enzymes: BioTrust | Garden of…

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nutrition-itsu Part 3: Macronutrients and Meal Timing

After publishing each of the first 2 parts of the nutrition-itsu video series, I’ve been getting a few questions, which is AWESOME because it shows you’re thinking about this content. Yesterday, I got a question from Jordan asking me to reconcile the fact that in my original nutrition-itsu PDF (which I wrote in 2009) I…

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nutrition-itsu Part 2: The Most Important Thing… YOU

In today’s nutrition-itsu video, we’re going to talk about the second level on the pyramid – YOU AS AN EATER. This is where we’ll talk more about nutritional psychology and your mindset and thoughts around food. You’ll also discover the single most important question to ask yourself about nutrition that if you answer it correctly,…

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