Low Back Stretching | 1 Strength Session/Week | Fitness Trackers | [ASK ERIC]

  In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions: What are some good ways to stretch your lower back? – Jesse Davila, San Antonio USA  [00:29] If you have only time to do one strength training session a week (besides all the MMA skill and conditioning work), which exercises would you include when the…

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Eggs for High T | Piriformis Release | Glutes [ASK ERIC]

  In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions: I hate eggs but am trying your recommended T booster diet – is there a substitute? – Garry Mcdonell, Canada  [mm:ss] I do have a piriformis muscle issue. I was told the exercises you do for that depends on whether the muscle is shortened or…

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Bruce lee in Hong kong


  “I get knocked down. But I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.” This is a line from the (annoying) hit song from many years ago called Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. It popped into my head after I read an email that landed in my Inbox all the way from Australia from Steve…

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1 Tip to Quickly Add 10 Pounds to Your Clean and Jerk

True power comes from your ability to quickly go from rest to max force and back and forth and the Olympic Lifts are amazing at training your ability to execute this important skill. You don’t need to lift a lot of weight to benefit from the Olympic lifts, but you do need to perform them…

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vid 01

Speed | Lose Fat or Build Muscle | ITB Tightness [ASK ERIC]

Got a question for me? Submit it at In this video, I answer the following questions: How can I train for explosive speed for 1 and done type point fighting? – John Monk, Canada [01:09] For the 3DF Hip Flexor sequence, is there an alternative for grabbing the ankle of the back foot? –…

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How to Boost Your CONFIDENCE

con-fi-dence: belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities Grade 9 was not a confident year for me… It was my first year at a new high school where it seemed like everyone knew everyone else because I didn’t come from one of the typical feeder schools and because I skipped Grade 7 and thus…

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34 Things I Learned in 2014

34 years ago, I was born. I used to think that giving birth was no big deal, since we as a species (and all other species) have been doing it since forever. But since the birth of my baby girl Livia, that mindset has changed. Even though it’s been done trillions of times over since the…

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Best cardio for FAT LOSS?

I was skimming through the never-ending pile of emails in my Inbox and after the excitement of reading a status update on my new project from my manufacturer (sample is READY) I saw this question from Jeremy in response to the last few emails I’ve sent regarding conditioning and cardio: “Eric, I’m not a fighter…

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mma fight 2

Counter-intuitive tip for GREATER stamina

I was talking to a supplier for a new project I’m working on (it’s gonna rock) via Skype last night and as I was busy asking for all the changes I wanted, I catch my wife staring at me from the hallway. When we make eye contact, she raises both hands in front of her,…

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mma fight

Jack of all trades. Master of NONE.

The quote from the title came to my head as I was reading through some questions I got last week. I interpret the quote to mean that the higher the level of mastery you desire is, the more time and energy you must dedicate to it. Logical. That also means that the fewer things you’ve…

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mma fighters

30 sec fitness test: how fit are YOU?

Since my move, I’ve been training seriously for a solid 3 weeks now. Weights twice a week, CAGE Cardio workouts twice a week, playing some sports and riding my bike like a madman everywhere I can. At the beginning, I was feeling out of shape because I hadn’t been on a program for a good…

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