Best cardio for FAT LOSS?

I was skimming through the never-ending pile of emails in my Inbox and after the excitement of reading a status update on my new project from my manufacturer (sample is READY) I saw this question from Jeremy in response to the last few emails I’ve sent regarding conditioning and cardio: “Eric, I’m not a fighter…

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Counter-intuitive tip for GREATER stamina

I was talking to a supplier for a new project I’m working on (it’s gonna rock) via Skype last night and as I was busy asking for all the changes I wanted, I catch my wife staring at me from the hallway. When we make eye contact, she raises both hands in front of her,…

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Jack of all trades. Master of NONE.

The quote from the title came to my head as I was reading through some questions I got last week. I interpret the quote to mean that the higher the level of mastery you desire is, the more time and energy you must dedicate to it. Logical. That also means that the fewer things you’ve…

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30 sec fitness test: how fit are YOU?

Since my move, I’ve been training seriously for a solid 3 weeks now. Weights twice a week, CAGE Cardio workouts twice a week, playing some sports and riding my bike like a madman everywhere I can. At the beginning, I was feeling out of shape because I hadn’t been on a program for a good…

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2 minute sequence

2 Minute Sequence for People Who Sit Too Much >> Click Here for the “Sitting Solution” This is a super powerful sequence to do to combat all of the problems associated with sitting too much, such as: – tight hips – poor posture – sleepy glutes – sleepy core If you work at a desk, do it throughout the day to ensure you’re…

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guy smoking

Sitting is the New Smoking

After a few hours in a row of sitting, do you feel really stiff and does it take a while for you to get moving and not feel like an old grandpa again? Unfortunately, if you’re like me and you sit too much (damn computers), I bet you feel it in the one place we…

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Common Groin Stretching Mistake (and solution)

Common Groin Stretching Mistake (and solution)

This is a common groin/adductor stretching mistake that is potentially damaging to your medial ligaments and meniscus of the knees. When you add the little tweak that I show you to this exercise, it not only takes the stress off these tissues but also activates glute and hip external rotator muscles. Kill 2 birds with…

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Great Hip Flexor and Quad Mobility Exercise / Stretch

Hip mobility and flexibility is key to success in any sport and even in lifting big weights. If your hips are tight, you’re going to compensate somewhere else, usually your low back or your knees. This is what causes a lot of low back pain and knee injuries. The exercise I show you in this…

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Did Cung Le Use Steroids?

The recent photo that circulated the interwebz about showing Cung Le’s new and improved physique had a lot of people ask the question, “Did Cung Le use steroids?” Well, I’ve taken the liberty to investigate this question and put it to the test with a little experiment. You’ll also get a short little Aerobic +…

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VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINK [MP4] (right click and choose ‘Save As’) Here’s a summary of the benefits of this conditioning template: This workout is fun and challenging and will get you in top fight shape. PERIOD. Again, this is another style of training that I’ve only seen my athletes perform, because it’s very specific and I’ve been…

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Power Pairs [A+A]

I love the fact that this style of training video resonated with you because I love delivering not just cutting-edge workouts, but also the science behind them as I truly believe in that whole “teach a man to fish” thing, just like my Dad taught me.

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