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Common Problems Learning the Olympic Lifts

Like I talked about last post, one of the ways to force your body to make continued progress is to increase the complexity of exercises you throw at it. By doing so, you’ll build new neural pathways and become more efficient and coordinated on a neuromuscular level. The Snatch and Clean and Jerk are 2…

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4 Program Design Tips To Avoid Plateaus

We had some great answers to the little “quiz” I gave you in my last post. If you haven’t read the answers, check them out as you’re sure to pick something up, especially from the doctoral thesis Danavir posted… :) In today’s article, I’m going to present some of the factors you must take into…

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Increase Testosterone: Training, Nutrition, Supplements and More

When putting this blog post together, I gathered all of the notes I have written down and in random word documents on my computer and started reviewing them to include what I thought the most important info about increasing your testosterone was. And this is just a sample – there’s more to come…  After all was…

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How to Punch Harder – Part II

In Part I of this article series on “How to Punch Harder“, I asked you what you thought the specific cue was that I used with my athlete as we were doing the Medicine Ball Scoop Toss exercise. I was looking for one specific phrase. When I started reading the answers and re-watched the video,…

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How to punch harder like GSP

How to Punch Harder

Last week I posted an exercise to help you kick higher, so this week, I thought I’d throw in another article that I know is going to be popular on how to punch harder. Punch is one of those funny words if you say it enough times, it starts to sound comical. Punch. Punch. PU-nch.…

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My Training Philosophy

Before I sat down at my computer to write this blog for you, I was getting prepped to meet up with Mark Bocek for our first training session. If you don’t know Mark, he’s a UFC Lightweight and he recently came off a decision loss to ex-WEC Lightweight champ Ben Henderson. Tough fight but these…

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ISO Squeeze Exercise for Lactic Acid Tolerance

To followup last post where I shared the Towel Bicep Curl exercise, I’ve got another great exercise to use to add elbow-popping submission power AND the stamina to last that I invented called the Good Morning Curl. But before we get to that, last post I posed the question, “Why do you think I named…

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Get More Chokes, Armbars and TAPS With This Exercise

  In my last post I shared a video that I dubbed my “Lowlights” video… I asked you to guess why I named it such and Jay_G got it right with his Comment: Because Jay_G watched the video and left his Comment, he’s going to win the new Python Power Program that I’m releasing on…

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3 Results Killers in the Gym

I was going to hit up the boxing gym on Tuesday night but the all-day grey sky and rain sapped my motivation to make the 30 minute streetcar ride over. Rain, rain. Go away… So I decided to stop in to Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai (TKMT) for a drop-in class instead, which is a…

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MMA Training BURNS!

“What the heck are you talking about, MMA training burns?” It not only burns, but MMA training will elevate your grappling prowess and help you grind down your opponents. Here’s what I mean… In this case, the MMA in MMA training doesn’t stand for mixed martial arts, but Mixed Metabolic Acidosis training. This is just…

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MMA Training Workouts With NEGATIVES?

Today we’re going to talk about negatives and their value in your MMA training workouts. This all came about because last blog post I shared a funny story that happened to myself and Claude at the gym. I also asked for YOU to post your gym etiquette breaking stories and got some hilarious responses. But…

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