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Meet Chazz. This is his story.

Chazz is one of my powerDOJO Kyoudai. He’s been a member for a long time now. One of the things I encourage the Kyoudai do is participate in the Forum – share their training logs, talk about their successes and get help to deal with obstacles and challenges in their lives, not just fitness. That’s how…

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Easiest Weight Cut EVER

While my digestive system has returned to full power following my 1 week in the Dominican Republic, unfortunately, my Inbox has NOT. I was buried under a lot of emails. Bills. A bunch of questions. Back and forth between software developers working on powerDOJO features and upgrades. Numerous requests from a Russian girl named Olga…

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Ultimate MMA… For Females?

Last week I got a boat load of feedback from fighters and MMA practitioners about their experiences with the Ultimate MMA S&C program. One email I got in particular piqued my curiousity… The email came from someone named Ursula. Turns out my Ultimate MMA S&C program was being used by a female mixed martial arts…

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Ultimate MMA Helps Athlete Train With Japanese Pros

I’ve been talking with Dylan Rayner, a fighter who is currently training in Japan. Pretty sweet. When my buddies and I first started watching PRIDE we often dreamed about going to Japan to watch one of the Grand Prix events at the Saitama Super Arena! Anyway, I asked Dylan to share his results with the…

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What To Do When Your Opponent Can’t Make Weight

When it comes to fighting MMA, because it’s a weight class sport, sometimes your opponent doesn’t make weight. In the amateur ranks, this actually happens quite often, because guys have no idea about how to cut weight properly. Or maybe their T-levels are out of whack? :) Or your original opponent drops out and they offer…

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How I Got Started In MMA

Saturday night, I watched Jon Jones completely dominate Quinton Jackson like I knew he would at my friend Youssef’s house. Over the years, Youssef’s been my partner in crime – we skydived (skydove?) together for his Bachelor party, drove 24 hours straight (along with a couple other buddies) to Florida together, he introduced me to…

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Dedication + BJJ Workout = Gold Medal!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I like to feature fighters and athletes on here that have used my programs with great success… Well Josh is an awesome success story, as he first started with my Ultimate MMA S&C program in January of this year. From what…

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Starting Slow = Rapid Results?

Because of the nature of the sport, mixed martial artists are always ready to dive head first into training with 100% intensity. That’s one of the reasons I love training fighters, because they’ll run full speed straight into a wall if I ask them… [Which I've only done once :)] Although this is great when…

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Stronger, Faster, Better Conditioned

If you’ve got a keen eye, you may have noticed 3 of the last 4 articles I posted on my blog talked about the power of following an organized, periodized training program to get the best results… Well you know that repetition is the mother of all skill, which is why I constantly mention it.…

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Twice a Week Workouts = 10% Increase in Max Strength

I love getting emails from guys who use my programs and this one was especially cool because he had some #’s to report on top of how he felt… Check it out here: “Eric, I’ve had great results from going through your system. This past week I did an old workout I used to do…

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Rocci’s On A Roll!

Rocci Williams first started training using my programs in 2009. I did an interview with him on this site over a year ago. He’s still going strong and has been fighting regularly. Here’s an email he sent me on May 3, 2011 about his most recent fight that has some interesting MENTAL TRAINING tidbits in…

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