Programs That Produce Measurable Results

Here are the programs I’ve created that have helped fighters win in the UFC, mixed martial artists have more fun and get more out of their MMA training and regular folk get the physique and fitness of an elite fighter without ever stepping inside a cage.

When it comes to creating programs for purchase, here are the principles that I follow:

  • To give you an easy to follow, step-by-step program that doesn’t require an advanced degree to figure out what to do
  • To give you the results promised (you must follow the program to get results, obviously)
  • To give you more in value than what you paid

With the programs below, I feel I’ve met these 3 criteria…

That’s why all of my programs come with my 60 Day No Holds Barred Guarantee LIFETIME PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE – if you’re unhappy with a purchase, you run into some money problems, or even if you didn’t like the fonts I used, email me and I’ll refund all of your money, no questions, no hassles.

[NOTE - the new LPG came into effect on August 25, 2012, but applies to any customer of mine who has purchased at anytime. Read this post for info on why I've implemented this policy]

Plus, you can keep the program if you want – the bottom line is that I want you to get good results on a properly designed program designed for your goals, I’m not trying to sell you a “quick-fix” to make a “quick-buck”. I want you to be happy ecstatic with your purchase so you’ll be a satisfied, loyal customer for life.


The Hip Flexibility Solution Program

WHAT IT IS: the fastest and most effective program for unlocking tight hips to help you kick higher and harder, Squat deeper, Deadlift without straining your low back and fix compensatory hip, knee and back pain.

WHO IT’S FOR: Mixed Martial Artists, Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, Cross Fitters, rock climbers and anyone looking to maximize their athletic and fitness potential who feels they’re held back by tight, inflexible hips.
Click here to learn more…

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning ProgramUltimate MMA Strength & Conditioning Program v2.0

WHAT IT IS: the most comprehensive strength and conditioning program for mixed martial arts available. Includes strength training, power development, power endurance training, cardio, medicine ball exercises, mobility and flexibility, injury prevention and more. 

WHO IT’S FOR:  Mixed Martial Artists, BJJ players, Muay Thai fighters and other combat athletes who are training with the goal of fighting either amateur or pro and want an easy to follow, step-by-step, periodized program to develop explosive power and endless cardio.
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MMA Ripped 8-Week Training CampMMA RIPPED 8-Week Training Camp

WHAT IT IS: an exclusive 8-week small group coaching program based on 4 workouts per week designed to help you build functional, athletic muscle and torch fat FAST. The workouts change every 2 weeks forcing your body to adapt to get you the fastest results possible. This is NOT an ebook, but an actual live small group program where you’ll get direct coaching from Eric.

WHO IT’S FOR: anyone who wants to build a lean, athletic and functional body and be personally coached to ensure the best results possible. Guaranteed to be the most fun yet challenging fat burning workouts you’ve done in your life.
Click here to learn more…

eXplosive Muscle Building BlueprinteXplosive Muscle
Building Blueprint

WHAT IT IS: an 8-week program teaching you a new method of building muscle that avoids the 3 biggest problems of traditional bodybuilding for athletes – 1) decreased speed/power, 2) excess muscular soreness and 3) excess fatigue.

WHO IT’S FOR: any athlete who needs to add muscle AND build functional power at the same time without taking too much time away from skill training or making you too sore to develop skills effectively. A must for any skinny athlete who wants to be taken seriously and achieve their potential.
Click here to learn more…

Olympic Lifting Mastery CourseOlympic Lifting
Mastery Course

WHAT IT IS: a comprehensive yet simple, step-by-step program designed to help you quickly master the most explosive exercises on the planet – the Olympic lifts – so you can reap their benefits while performing them safely and with confidence. 

WHO IT’S FOR: any athlete requiring explosive power, such as MMA fighters, football players, hockey players, etc who want to learn proper technique in the Olympic lifts. Unless you run marathons you need to be performing these efficient exercises. Plus you’ll feel like a badass in the gym.
Click here to learn more…

Python PowerPython Power For
Extreme Submissions

WHAT IT IS: a 6-week program including everything you need to develop nasty submission strength and endless submission stamina. Trains the muscles and movement patterns related to pulling off chokes and armbars.

WHO IT’S FOR: any MMA fighter, BJJ player, or submission artist who knows they’d be getting more finishes in fights, competitions, or training if they didn’t gas out so quickly. If you want to add another weapon to your arsenal and never have to give up a submission because you’re fatigued again, this program is for you.
Click here to learn more…

Bodyweight Exercise
Vault Digital DVD

WHAT IT IS: 67 unique bodyweight exercises based on the Push, Squat and Lunge movement patterns. Also includes Compensatory Stretches for each movement pattern so you don’t develop muscular imbalances.

WHO IT’S FOR: trainers, coaches and instructors who want to learn new bodyweight exercises to use with their clients and students to avoid the boredom of doing the same exercises all the time. Your clients will love training with you for the 23 different pushup variations alone, not to mention the numerous squat, lunge and jumping exercises you’ll learn.
Click here to learn more…


  • Dan

    Reply Reply Tue, October 21, 2014

    Eric, I’ve purchased several of your products (cuz their awesome, and like many others I suffer from Training Program ADD)

    I’ve applied parts/segments of them (your programs) throughout my training regime without dedicating/committing to a specific modality.

    Allow me to start my question by explaining myself and my goals:
    I train Muay Thai @Extreme Power Gym with Adjarn Rueben 3-4 days a week (2-3 days technique based, and 1 day sparring) I currently have no fights lined up and have no plans to fight in the near future.

    My training consistency fluctuates but I usual go for 4 weeks on 1 week off.

    I would like to improve my general fitness/athleticism.

    I believe you put a lot of emphasize on The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program (which was the first program I purchased from you) However I’ve also encountered your free pdf CAGE Cardio.

    Curious which training focus (Strength related to the Barbell or Functional Periodization in Ultimate MMA S&C Program) should be emphasized in the pursuit of General Strength and Cardio?

  • Erik

    Reply Reply Sun, October 12, 2014

    Hey Eric,

    At the moment I can’t really efford to buy your products, but i hope to do so in the future. And to be honest… I would feel like a jerk if I would buy your product and just ask my money back, because I am sure your programs are good. I’m wondering wich program you would suggest, when I am able to afford it.

    I am a boxer. I train 5 times a week. 3 times boxing, and 2 times fitness. I think I am in oke shape. Rest heart rate 51. Strength oke.

    I first saw your Ultimate MMA strength and conditioning program, but later on I also found the power program (not sure why I dont see it at your site though). I really like explosiveness, so I was wondering if I can start with the power program, or if it’s better to do the Ultimate MMA S&C first?

    I also saw in the posts below that you give some adaptations for the Ultimate MMA program so it fits boxers. Are these adaptations also available for the Advanced MMA power program?

    Thx for your time and help. Your articles are really inspiring.

  • popo

    Reply Reply Wed, October 1, 2014

    Hi Eric, you have one of the best websites on MMA conditioning and i really want to buy your books. Which book would you suggest for me? I am 33 years old, BJJ practitioner, and i have gout. I consider myself as an average athlete and i have a lot of room for improvement. Thank you

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Wed, October 1, 2014

      Hey Popo!

      Since you said you’ve got a “lot of room for improvement”, I suggest you start with the Ultimate MMA S&C Program. It includes 4 distinct phases of training, the first of which is the Corrective Phase, which will help shore up muscular imbalances and get your body ready to safely build strength and power.

      • popo

        Reply Reply Tue, October 14, 2014

        wow thank you! i never expected a reply as most sites are snobs. will get the book asap.!

  • NAthan Donovan

    Reply Reply Thu, May 15, 2014

    Hi eric Can you do me a list of whci programs can be done toghether like for instance can you do cage cardio training alongside the Olympic weight lifting program

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, May 16, 2014

      Yo dude,

      Why don’t you tell me your goals and I can better help you?

      • NAthan Donovan

        Reply Reply Sat, May 17, 2014

        I’d like to compete mma I’ve dropped to light heavy want to increase my cardio. And striking power
        I was lookin at getting cage cardio and advanced mma power program’s but here’s the reall kicker I really want to know whether. Or not you can use two program’s trogether without sacrificing results

      • NAthan Donovan

        Reply Reply Sat, May 17, 2014

        I’d like to compete mma&muay thai ‘ve dropped to light heavy want to increase my cardio. And striking power I was lookin at getting cage cardio and advanced mma power program’s but here’s the reall kicker I really want to know whether. Or not you can use two program’s trogether without sacrificing results

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Wed, May 21, 2014

      Honestly dude, just grab the Ultimate MMA S&C Program.

      CAGE Cardio can be used later on after you’ve gone through at least 1 round of U-MMA.

      I could try and sell you everything but this is what’s best and what I suggest for right now.

  • Nathan

    Reply Reply Fri, April 4, 2014

    Can you use 1 or more of your programs in conjuction with each other and still get better results
    or do you have to use just oone and focus soley on one particular program

  • Steven Wang

    Reply Reply Mon, March 3, 2014

    Hi Eric,
    I am writing on behave of my son. He just turned 16, trains 4-5 times a week BJJ and competes in high level competitions. He has a good condition with a slim but very atletic build, 1.72 and 57 kg. but he wants to get stronger without putting up too much weight. What program would be best to purchase, MMA conditioning or Phyton submissions (btw he has very good technique).
    Appreciate your advise,


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, March 3, 2014

      Ultimate MMA is probably best for his goals… It’ll help him build strength, then turn that strength to power. Just make sure his exercise technique is perfect and he’s good to go.

  • Giovanni

    Reply Reply Sun, March 2, 2014

    Hi Eric, I am looking to purchase one of your programs but am unsure as to which would be best for me. I have been training in bjj for 5 years and have been lifting weights for 10 years I am currently competing in bjj, but I am finding myself with less time to train my S&C because of work and school. I am in good shape but see my conditioning dropping little by little cause of my lack of time and have had to adjust my S&C cause I was in danger of overtraining. I was wondering which workout program you would recommend for a bjj practitioner which trains bjj 4-5 times a week 1-2 hrs each time and with little extra time.


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, March 3, 2014

      Hmmm… Depends on your strength levels… But if you’re pretty strong, your best bet is to cycle through my CAGE Cardio workouts, which take a max of 20 minutes and then do 1 max strength workout per week, something very simple, like Squats OR Deadlifts and a Push (Bench Press, OHP) and Pull (1-arm row, Chinups) exercise… You can grab it at:

  • Chris

    Reply Reply Sun, March 2, 2014

    Hey Eric Wong, I have Purchased your ultimate MMA strength and conditioning Program, and its Awesome, but I was wondering if you have a more Olympic Weightlifting biased program on the market. I use MMA style conditioning because I’m a United States Marine and the conditioning is great for combat readiness & MCMAP, but I used to compete Olympic lifting at the national level, and would like to continue when I get out. I still need the MMA strength and conditioning but would love to toy with the Oly lifts more

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, March 3, 2014

      Hey Chris,

      I don’t know if you’ve been in the download area but I’ve added a template that includes more O-lifts into the main Ultimate MMA workouts. Check it out and let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

      • Chris

        Reply Reply Tue, March 4, 2014

        I have the 2.0 Ultimate MMA S&C Program it has some Olympic lifts, in the later phase but just one at most and pretty much only the last two phases.

        I just purchased your xMB program, im trying to load up with programs before my 10 month deployment to Afghanistan, I saw your Advanced MMA Power Training System advertised, whats the difference between it and your Ultimate MMA S&C.

        Anything that uses power, fast twitch muscle fiber is my shit, doesn’t have to be Olympic, what badass programs would you recommend to add to my list of programs to buy before deployment?

        PS you should hook me up with a military discount bro

        Oh yeah and thanks for providing some badass programs on the market, fitness in my profession can mean the difference between life, and death, your programs help keep me mission ready!

        • Eric

          Sat, March 15, 2014

          Advanced is a different, more advanced program design than Ultimate MMA and is basically what you’d do if you meet the strength requirements, however it does not include the O-lifts there.

          I’m actually working on updated RT workouts for individuals who meet the higher levels of strength, which is around 3-4 weeks away (gotta finish some other stuff first).

          Have you seen or do you have my CAGE Cardio program? — 11 bodyweight workouts that will keep the conditioning side of things fresh

          Glad my stuff is helping you stay in top shape!

  • Alex

    Reply Reply Wed, February 12, 2014

    Hey Eric,

    I bought your HFS program a while ago. I liked it, it is great.

    Do you have another program that target mobility issues in the shoulders?
    And if not, can you point me the way to someone who has one?

    Elliot sent me here in the first place. I thought I mention him.

    Best regards,


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Wed, February 12, 2014

      Hey man,

      I’ll be rocking that this year, not in the works right now as I’ve got other stuff going on but by the latest I’ll release it in June… I’ll need it myself as I just injured my shoulder and will have some extensive mobility work to do to restore full functioning!

  • Harry

    Reply Reply Tue, February 11, 2014

    I reckon in your HFS system you’re using resistance band and foam roll. Can you tell me please where these could be bought and what they should be like (characteristics if any, etc.).

  • Tom

    Reply Reply Thu, February 6, 2014

    Hey Eric

    I was wondering if you go over nutrition in your MMA Strength and Conditioning program? I’d love to learn about nutrition to lose fat/gain muscle/improve performance.


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Sat, February 8, 2014

      Hey Tom,

      Grab the program and you’ll get my nutrition-itsu manual, which provides a lot of the background info on my approach to nutrition, and I’ll throw in my new nutrition-itsu guide to getting shredded, which I just wrote this year.

  • Jamal

    Reply Reply Wed, December 18, 2013

    Hey Eric, I purchased your hip flexibility program and am loving it but I wonder if you can recommend or have in the works and program to do the same for shoulders? I’d like that very much!

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, December 20, 2013

      Hey bro, glad HFS is working for ya. :)

      Shoulder program is on the list for 2014. When it launches, as an HFS customer you’ll get a special link with a discount.

      No set time line though, so just stay tuned!

      • Jamal

        Reply Reply Sat, December 21, 2013

        Thank you sir. Looking forward!

  • Dan

    Reply Reply Sat, November 16, 2013

    Though I do not see it available on this page. Would you recommend your Program 4 Pugilists for Muay Thai?

    Thanks in advance.

  • mike

    Reply Reply Fri, October 4, 2013

    where on here do u sell the weight cutting blueprint?

  • Justin

    Reply Reply Fri, August 30, 2013

    Hi Eric,

    I currently do not train in MMA, but could I use your Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program as it’s written if I fill in an additional 2 days of heavy bag circuits? I like the look of the program and what it offers.

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, September 5, 2013

      Hey Justin,

      Yeah you could definitely fill in an additional 2 days of heavy bag work. You could add in more than that too as it’s designed to COMPLEMENT your MMA/combat sports training.


  • Julian

    Reply Reply Wed, August 28, 2013

    Hi Eric

    I would like multiple books, could i get a deal? I would like the new boxing one you made, python power, mma s&c, olympic lifting and any others you would recommend for an MMA training camp.


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, September 5, 2013

      Thanks for the inquiry Julian – private email sent. Let’s get you hooked up!

  • Adi

    Reply Reply Mon, August 19, 2013

    Hey Eric,

    I am going back to college and was looking for a much more toned body for getting into a some sports, I like the MMA Ripped program you have and plan on getting it. I just want to know what equipment I’ll need for it? and do you recommend any other programs for beginners in MMA, by beginner I mean complete noob.


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, September 5, 2013

      Hey Andy – sorry for the late reply, I was in Asia for 3 weeks and didn’t really check much email.

      You need a barbell, dumbbells, cable (or rubber bands) and ability to do Chinups. Oh and a stability ball is good too.

  • Mike

    Reply Reply Thu, August 1, 2013

    Hi Eric,

    I’m currently doing a workout program but was interested in doing one of your programs, and will be starting Muay Thai once, maybe twice a week.

    Which program is the best for me to do, and needs to be one I can do at home, as don’t have/can’t afford a gym membership.



    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, August 1, 2013

      What equipment do you have at home Mike?

  • Willem

    Reply Reply Mon, July 22, 2013

    Hope you are well dude.

    I see here that you say that the Ultimate S&C is for fighters and MMA practitioners that doesn’t fight, how can I adjust it for someone that does fight?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, July 22, 2013

      Yo Willem,

      Ultimate MMA S&C is FOR FIGHTERS first, guys who train MMA but don’t fight second.

      So if you fight, you don’t need to adjust anything.

      My other flagship program, MMA Ripped is for non-fighters.


  • Rahul

    Reply Reply Sat, June 29, 2013

    Hey, eric i have got some money problem i can’t purchase you programs so if you can send me ultimate strength training and conditioning program in free ……or if you can’t then mail me some short of notes, exercises list,methods, techniques with proper guidelines then i will be so greatful to you

  • Marcus

    Reply Reply Sun, June 16, 2013

    Hey Eric,
    I’m a basketball player and was wondering which program would help w/ explosiveness and power endurance?

  • Marcus

    Reply Reply Sun, June 16, 2013

    Hey Eric,
    I’m more of a basketball player and was wondering which program would help w/ explosiveness and power endurance?

  • Joel

    Reply Reply Fri, June 14, 2013

    Eric: I train Muay Thai and MMA one hour each twice a week (both classes are on the same day). I want to be in the best shape possible to succeed in my classes, but considering that I have four kids, a wife, and a demanding full-time job, efficiency is important. It sounds like I might be best served to try UMMA S&C on two of my off-days (maybe three of them, since I’m not training as much as a pro or even as much as some amateurs). Do you agree?

    The only thing I’d like to know before I purchase though is how long the workouts will usually be. I’m sure it varies throughout the course of the program, but I’d at least like to know a ballpark range of time I’ll need to plan on being in the gym on those days. Thanks for your help!

  • Macy

    Reply Reply Sat, May 18, 2013

    HI Eric!

    First of all, I’m a girl and I do boxing 3-4x a week. My ultimate goal is is to lose fat especially in the arms.

    What among your programs do I get?



    • Eric

      Reply Reply Tue, May 21, 2013

      Hey Macy,

      If you’re going to continue to box 3-4 days/week, I suggest Ultimate MMA.

      If you can handle another 4 days/week of working out (2 are bodyweight only days that take 30 mins or less), then MMA Ripped is best.

  • shin

    Reply Reply Fri, May 3, 2013

    Hey Eric, its awesome to read your articles… I really like them, I had a request what if someone wants to get ripped and build functional strength but has no access to weights… Is there a possible way to do so

  • Sébastien

    Reply Reply Tue, April 16, 2013

    Hi Eric, i hesitate between Ultimate MMA S & C and Muscle blueprint program. Here’s my situation: i’m 28 5’6 125lbs 2 childs and no time to lose. I want to build muscles, and to be in shape. I do home training but with no reel program and i have no time to go on a training room. I have at home a bench press, dumbells, abdos chair, fitness ball. Which of these programs you recommend to me to have a great body for summer and feeling good in? Can i be informed at the same time to the nutrition bases? Thanks

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Tue, April 16, 2013

      Bonjour Sebastien,

      Your goals tell me that you need the eXplosive Muscle Building Blueprint.

      Do you have a Squat Rack? Because I prescribe Squats and a rack is important for safety and being able to use the appropriate amount of weight.

  • Bobby

    Reply Reply Thu, April 11, 2013

    Hi Eric,
    I am very interested in doing one of your programs. I am 44, in pretty good shape… 5’9″ 163lbs. I do not train MMA, although I would love to. I actually live in Bangkok, Thailand, but my work and family schedule do not allow for joining a Muay Thai school or doing MMA training(the Thai govt. is actually opposed to sanctioning MMA, as they want to keep Muay Thai the combat sport of the nation). Anyway, the few places to train MMA do not have class times that work with my schedule and they cost big bucks.

    I usually train 6 days a week, 3 strength & 3 cardio, which works for me as I can be flexible with my schedule. I do some endurance events like adventure races, 1/2 marathons & triathlons, but I like having the physique and functional strength that comes with training like a fighter.

    My question is: which program would you recommend as I need to continue my endurance training as I already have some events scheduled out for this year, but I would love to do some good strength and power training that will help me staying fit and feeling younger and stronger.

    Oh yeah, I am real interested in this new Bodyweight programs because I work out at home and only have dumbbells.

    Sorry so long, but I want to get the best thing for me at the best value.

    Thanks for you genuine concern for helping others achieve their goals!


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, April 11, 2013

      Hey Bobby,

      Based on what you’re saying, if you only workout at home with dumbbells, then you’re pretty limited as to what programs of mine that would help you. I don’t have a full on program with bodyweight/dbs.

      Your best bet right now is to grab CAGE Cardio Bodyweight Edition: – this will give you some good background info and science on how to structure bodyweight circuits and 7 different workouts to do.

      Then, you’ll have access to powerDOJO which gives you a good dose of strength training and other stuff that you can use to get in great shape.

      If you were to have access to a Barbell, MMA Ripped would be my recommendation – but if you have heavy enough dumbbells where you can do some Heavy Deadlifts and DB Bench Presses, then you can still do it, so if you do, I’d recommend that.

      • Bobby

        Reply Reply Fri, April 12, 2013

        Thanks, Eric. That is what I was leaning towards as I had already received the email for the special offer. Gonna get it now!

  • chris hawaii

    Reply Reply Fri, April 5, 2013


    I can’t decide between ultimate mma S&C vs the explosive MBB. I’m 26, 175 lbs, 5’11” more slim than athletic built and currently work as a firefighter and train bjj two to three times a week. I’m in decent shape but would like to gain an mma fighter’s physique and the same functional athleticism. Which program would u recommend?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, April 5, 2013

      If you’re training BJJ 2-3 times per week, I’d say doing the Ultimate MMA S&C program would be your best bet. You’ll still develop an athletic build and at your height/weight, you’ll definitely look athletic after going through one round as your body drops fat and builds a bit of muscle.

      • Chris hawaii

        Reply Reply Fri, April 5, 2013

        Thanks Eric! Gonna purchase the program soon. Much appreciation for your help!

  • johnross

    Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

    Hi Eric,

    Could you send me the tweaks on UMMA that you use for boxers?


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

      I can’t find you registered for the program and it wouldn’t be useful if you don’t have it. Get the program first then I’ll send it to you.

  • Jon jon

    Reply Reply Sun, March 31, 2013

    Hi hi, i want to get some erik wang in me, lol but i have no idea what way to go, my goal is to add size to my already built frame but i feel im not at my prime yet, im 30 if this count for anything but to me it counts for sh…
    Any way thats the summery of what i want, oh yeah also i get big fast but loose it just as fast, i am even open to getting a little fatty to get my weight up if need be…
    Other thing is my legs i feel at the weak links,

    Ok so here i repeat , want to gain size on my already sizeable frame, gain some weight, rather solid mass than fat, but if need be to add some fat weight then so be it, and kick my legs in to a new growth phase….

    No animals where harmed in sending this msg to mr. Wang.

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

      Yo Jon jon, sounds like the eXplosive Muscle Building program is what you’re looking for…

      • Jon Jon

        Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

        Beat you to it mate – bought it just on instincts :-D

        Do you think if I do this twice a day it will be ok ?

        Look im an Architecture student now – so time is limited – but I need a vice to get rid of the sh… from studies — so like some smoke and drink (im straight edge this way) I work out…..

        thanks for your support

        • Eric

          Mon, April 1, 2013

          Twice a day?

          I think you’re probably asking twice per week.

          If so, I can’t say because I haven’t tested it, but you’re definitely not going to get the same results as 3 times per week, you will get lesser results because for hypertrophy, hitting the muscles every 48 hours or so is ideal.

        • Jon jon

          Fri, April 5, 2013

          Yes twice per day,

          My wake up routine by the norm for me is, breakfast,, workout, catch the train to class…. Blahblahblah

          Get home do my homework or something wait till 8pm train again.

          Thanks for ur support and motivation.

        • Eric

          Fri, April 5, 2013

          Twice per day?

          No not necessary and will hurt results.

  • johnny

    Reply Reply Sat, March 30, 2013

    hey eric i want to ask about you 2 for 1 offer with insiders zone for 30 days can you do xMB and OL simultanously with getting optimal results from both ?
    thanks a lot

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

      Unfortunately, this offer is no longer valid – if you’ve paid for it I’ll honour it but that shouldn’t be visible to anyone! I’ll be deleting the page…

      • johnny

        Reply Reply Mon, April 1, 2013

        Hey man hear you well listen if you can offer me the deal ill take it straight up if not sorry but cant afford the stuff im a student and am short on cash you probably know what i am talking about so please email me your response cant wait whatever the response is thanks very much

  • Victor Rodriguez

    Reply Reply Tue, March 12, 2013

    I noticed that your quickness kills program is not in the store. Why is that?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Tue, March 12, 2013

      B/c I’m too busy to get it added!

  • joe mccleary

    Reply Reply Sun, March 3, 2013

    hi eric . the 20 page booklet that was e-mailed when i joined you did not download could you please send me it again thanks

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Tue, March 12, 2013

      Send a note via the Contact link above to get it.

  • Trey Burger

    Reply Reply Thu, February 28, 2013

    Hello , I was going to order one of your programs but not sure which one. I am 40 years old and out of shape . I was thinking of the Explosive Muscle Building or the MMA Ripped which one would you recommend ?
    Thank You

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, February 28, 2013

      Hey Trey,

      How out of shape are we talking?

      • Trey Burger

        Reply Reply Thu, February 28, 2013

        Have not done much in the last 4yrs . I am around 5′ 6″ and around 150 pnds .

        • Eric

          Thu, February 28, 2013

          And what is your main goal?

          But regardless, it sounds like MMA Ripped and xMB aren’t suitable… My recommendation would actually be to get the Ultimate MMA S&C program and do the strength workouts 3 days/week as opposed to 2 days/week – each phase there is a Day 1 and Day 2, so it would be like Mon=Day 1, Wed=Day2, Fri=Day 1, then keep alternating for the entire phase.

          Do that, follow the conditioning portion twice per week and get your diet in check and you’ll be an animal in no time. :O

      • Trey Burger

        Reply Reply Fri, March 1, 2013

        Sounds good :)
        Thanks alot

  • roko

    Reply Reply Sat, February 23, 2013


    I am training karate and i want now what kinda program would you recommend for me ?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Sat, February 23, 2013

      Hey Roko – your best bet is the Ultimate MMA S&C program if you’re training Karate 3 or more times per week.

      If you’re training karate twice or less per week, go for the MMA Ripped program.

  • Carlton

    Reply Reply Thu, December 27, 2012


    I had been following a small stretching program from a local PT and was feeling better. They then incorporated a exercise ball, doing simple movements. A few days after using it, my lower back spasmed while trying to get up and it took me a month to recover. 2 weeks after the back spasm, I went to see a local crossfit guy who supposedly is the best around.

    He showed me how to sit down and do squats properly. Unfortunately a few days of doing them caused numbness in my left/right small toes.

    How can I get my core stronger without my lower back going into spasm every time I try something new.

    It’s been 17 years since I had surgery and no one can help. I would literally pay $5000 right now if someone could manage these spasms so I can get stronger. (And I do mean it. I am thinking about posting on YT and putting the offer out there to anyone that can help).

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, December 27, 2012

      Wow, you sound like you’re really ready to get your life back!

      I’m going to contact you via email personally to continue this discussion as you sound serious.

  • Derek

    Reply Reply Thu, December 27, 2012

    Hello Eric

    I’m planning join a boxing gym. I wanna challenge and push myself. I wanna compete. I’m 5’2 150lbs What kinda program would you recommend?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Thu, December 27, 2012

      Hey Derek,

      First, I recommend getting at least 2-3 weeks of training in before joining the boxing gym.

      This will help to get you into a S&C routine and get your body a little more ready as many boxing programs throw you to the wolves right away. It’s better to be a bit prepared rather than go in and get blasted.

      If you want a good program to do concurrent with boxing, Ultimate MMA is the way to go. I’ve got some minor tweaks to the program that you can do specifically as a boxer that I’ll tell you about after you grab the program and read through it. If I tell you now, it won’t make any sense.

      If you’ve got any other Q’s, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Petros

    Reply Reply Sat, November 24, 2012

    Hallo Eric

    I had previously bought the “Advanced MMA Training Guide + Master Manual” and i have been trainned with very good results during the last 2 years.

    My question about this new products ” Ultimate MMA Strenght and Conditioning”: Is it the same product as the Advanced MMA Training Guide? If no, can they be combined as training methodologies and how?

    Thanks a lot for your advice,


  • Carlton

    Reply Reply Sat, November 10, 2012

    Which program would you suggest for a disabled veteran with lower back surgery in 1995. Like I had mentioned on another thread, if I bend over sometimes my back will spasm and keep me from walking for 3-4 days(sometimes more).

    My core sucks plain and simple. I recently changed my diet and have went from 231 to 219 starting 9/12.

    Currently in PT, but they are giving me basic stretches and have no clue about why my back swells.

    After reading your post on damage control, it sounds a lot like my problem.

    So with that said, what do you suggest? I am open to new ideas and want my life back.

  • Michael

    Reply Reply Thu, November 8, 2012

    Michael E
    Hi my name is Michael , I train at a lloyd irvine gym, in muay thai and bjj. I’m not planning on fighting anytime soon. I want to purchase one of your programs I’m just not sure which one is best for me. I’m 6’1″ used to weight 240lbs and Ive weight 195lbs for a little over year now I still have some flab on me especially in the chest and love handles. My goal is to lose this last stubborn bit of fat I’ve been trying to get rid of for over a year now. I just started training mma as a hobby. I’m more concerned with dropping this excess weight looking and feeling better. I’m not sure if I should go with the Ultimate MMA S&C Program v2.0 or MMA ripped or another program.What would you recommend. I’m going to take it 100% serious, I will give you before and after shots and a testimonial to if you’d like. I appreciate the help, keep up the good work.
    Thanks for your time,

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, November 9, 2012


      For you, the best bet would be MMA Ripped. It requires 4 days/week of training, but 2 of the days are bodyweight only and are generally 30 minutes or less.

      The other 2 days are Strength (weights) + Cardio (intervals).

      It would give you great fitness and by following the customized diet included, it will help you get the physique you want.

  • cy landry

    Reply Reply Sun, October 28, 2012

    hey just wondering witch program would be best if i just wanted to get stronger and not get any bigger i fight at 125 and i weight about 135 so i dont want to have to cut to much weight

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, October 29, 2012

      Hey Cy,

      Best program is Ultimate MMA S&C – you will get stronger and improve power and cardio without adding bulk.

  • Dan

    Reply Reply Tue, August 28, 2012

    Hi Eric, I just wanted to ask if the the flexibility program will be released any time soon. This week I will finish the bulletproof program and I will starting with the UMMA program to be ready for a bjj tournament in february. Most trouble I have in training and sparring is due to limited flexibility and mobility. Any help is appreciated.

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Wed, August 29, 2012

      Yo Dan,

      Right now it’s on hold unfortunately, because I’ve got one major project that I’ve got to focus on… But I will be releasing it – there’s such a big need for a comprehensive and concise flexibility program that I have to!

  • Mike

    Reply Reply Wed, August 22, 2012

    Quick question, Right now I train mma and would like to compete soon. I am pretty skinny so I wanted to add some muscle to my frame to look like an actual fighter if you know what I mean, but at the same time train for power and endurance. Should I get the Ultimate mma s&c program or get the explosive muscle building blueprint first then get ultimate mma program?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, August 24, 2012

      I would definitely recommend you grab the eXplosive Muscle Building Blueprint first, then do Ultimate MMA – that’s the better order to do it in.

  • AJ

    Reply Reply Mon, July 30, 2012

    Yeah that’s awesome. I go 5-6 days a week and when I added my s&c in that’s exactly what happened. Nursing my second injury now. I’ll definitely give your program a shot. Thanks for the help.

  • AJ

    Reply Reply Mon, July 30, 2012

    hey eric

    just got into the amatuer fight scene and really interested in the S&C program just wondering before i purchase how much does it allow for additional training (sparring, bjj, wrestling, muay thai, bag work, shaddow, jump rope, running) is that all unlimited or is there a max ill be allowed to do to keep your program effective?


    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, July 30, 2012

      Hey AJ

      I designed the program specifically for amateur/pro fighters who train MMA regularly, which is 4-6 days/week. I designed it to take this training into account as I found guys were following other programs and just blasting themselves and getting overtrained.

      You’ve got to be able to do 2 sessions of S&C to follow my Ultimate MMA program.

  • Josemm

    Reply Reply Mon, June 25, 2012

    Hey eric im interested in the olympic course because i think those lifts are just not bas ass but also the more complete lifts out there so you could have short training sesions using like 3 or 4 excercises which will be compound ones so you train the whole body in less time am i right? Ofcourse after mastering the lifts there is no need for the side excercices i think so you can focus in the lift itself and keep the routine short and great for people with not that much time to train

    I just have a question what sort of gear is required? Do you need a power rack? Is it safe to train alone? Or do you need partners to watch your back while doing the lifts? Just safety stuff questions thanks.

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, June 25, 2012

      In terms of efficiency, yes, they are some of the most efficient exercises for sure.

      You could do shorter sessions because they do combine many different elements. That being said – there is still benefit to doing traditional exercises like Squats and Presses.

      But if you had to only pick 1 exercise to do, I would do the Clean and Jerk!

      In terms of gear, all you need is a barbell and plates. I’ve developed the OLM course to be safe to train alone – you’re working TECHNIQUE not power through the course. It’s designed to help you learn the lifts correctly and safely, so you’ll be good to go.

      It’s always great to have a training partner. If you don’t have that, video yourself and watch it later (or send it my way).

  • Mike

    Reply Reply Mon, June 18, 2012

    Hi Eric,

    I am an older man, mixed martial artist, and boxer. I do not train for real fights, but I want to maintain my explosive strength, speed, and agility for my sparring sessions at my gym, while also attempting to also look as good as I can on the beach. So, maintaining and even improving my explosive power for punching and kicking (which are my bread and butter still even at my ripe age if 40) and also improving punching speed are important to me. However, I also want to shave off the last few pounds and cut my abs, and cut those arms for the beach. Do you have any recomendations for me in regards to a product or products to use?

    Great Stuff by the Way and thanks for your attention!



    • Eric

      Reply Reply Fri, June 22, 2012

      Hey Mike,

      For fat loss – DIET is the key.

      For your fitness goals (MMA specific power and endurance), I’d recommend the Ultimate MMA S&C program. When you grab it, you’ll notice 3 programs – follow the 12 or 8 week one for your goals, since you’re not training for a fight but summer season is coming. :)

  • Phoenix

    Reply Reply Fri, May 25, 2012

    Just to understand the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is not a book, they are programs to be downloaded to the computer, correct?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Sun, May 27, 2012

      Yes, it is a multimedia package that includes downloadable manuals and streaming videos – no products will be shipped – you get instant access.

  • kate

    Reply Reply Fri, April 27, 2012

    hey eric! was wondering what differance being female makes to your training plan? also where do i find crazy 8’s and nrg things??

    thanks heaps, kate :)

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Mon, April 30, 2012

      Hi Kate,

      I wouldn’t really change anything, other than be careful during “that time of the month” with heavy lifting, due to increased laxity in your joints due to the hormone relaxin. But other than that, the program is no different whether you’re a dude or a femme fatale like yourself. :)

  • Sam

    Reply Reply Tue, March 27, 2012

    Hi Eric,

    I was wondering which what is the main difference between the explosive muscle building blueprint & the python power??

    I am planning to obtain the S&C program first…but afterwards, i would also like to have a focus on strength/power AND endurance (probably where i start to confuse myself here). I am currently involve in BJJ & Boxing but will most likely have my first MMA fight later this year.

    My fitness concerns usually surround power, endurance and recovery. I have some weight lifting experience (albeit non-professional). I weigh around 80-83kg but would like to fight/grapple between 74kg-77kg without compromising strength AND (explosive) power.

    I appreciate your advise and keep up the great work!!

    • Eric

      Reply Reply Tue, March 27, 2012

      Yo Sam,

      Based on your comments and questions, the Ultimate MMA S&C is definitely the way to go to start.

      From there, you’ll have to see how your weight changes when you implement the training and nutrition.

      You’re at 80-83 kg now and want to fight at 74-77 kg, so I recommend you stay right where you are for weight, for MMA, but for BJJ, usually the weigh-in is same day, so you have to bring your weight down gradually weeks before.

      The eXplosive Muscle Building (xMB) program is just that – build muscle and power. So if you need to add muscle mass, say, you get down to 77 kg and want to add 4 kg of lean mass to get back up to 81 kg, that’s the one for you.

      For grappling, Python Power is SICK – your grappling endurance and power will go through the roof.

      So it looks like Ultimate MMA –> Python Power and add xMB if needed.

      Hope that helps!

      • Sam

        Reply Reply Thu, March 29, 2012

        Helps clear things up!!

        Thank you again!

      • Sam

        Reply Reply Mon, April 2, 2012

        Yo Eric,

        I’ve purchased your Ultimate S&C program as well as your offer for the 3-for-One programs. LOL, i know you recommended the python, but i couldn’t resist your offer, so here i am, a customer of yours!!

        Look forward to implementing loads of changes to my training routines and definitely expecting great results from my BJJ/Boxing…and hopefully later..MMA trainngs/comps!!

        Thanks for all ‘the advises’!!


  • Eric

    Reply Reply Sat, March 24, 2012

    Have a question about one of these programs?

    Want to know what program is best for you?

    Ask me here and I’ll do my best to guide you in the right direction.

    • Paul

      Reply Reply Thu, May 31, 2012

      Hello found your program on Stoetzel website. I have been working out p90, p90x and have been doling kettle bells for a few years. I have plateau I don’t know how to tailor a program I do like kettle bells and body weight because I do not get bored. I have kettle bells,have bag and some dumbbells. I am 50 and would like to loose 15-20 lb.. I weight 192 5’6”. I am frustrated. What program do you recommend? I will be doing the program with my teenage son and daughter. I think that my diet is a problem I don”t eat junk food and do not eat bad. Please help!!!!

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