Eric Wong's UFC 115 Giveaway

For all of my loyal readers, I’ve put together a little contest for UFC 115.

But before we get to the details of how to win, let’s take a look at the prizes then we’ll see what prizes 1st to 3rd can claim…

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning
Program Deluxe Package ($97 value)

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program Deluxe Package includes:

  • The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program (you know the results this provides)
  • iPod videos of every exercise
  • Nutrition-itsu manual
  • 7-Day Quickstart Guide to Nutrition-itsu
  • No-Sweat Weight Cutting Guide (drop 10-20 lbs without the sauna)
  • The Ultimate Fight Prep (recently used by 2 fighters to feel at their best)
  • The 8-Week Muscle Building Blueprint for MMA Fighters (just got an email with a guy who put on 8.8 lbs!)
  • Secrets of the Mental Game with Brian Cain (sports psych to GSP among others)
  • 1-arm Pushup Power program

I’ve gotten so many testimonials from fighters who’ve used my programs that I can’t even count them anymore (I lied – I’ve got 227 emails saved as of right now).

Here are some to whet your appetite. Just click the box and it will expand to reveal the stories of fighters who’ve had great success with my programs. (FYI – I don’t edit any testimonials I get so you’ll see uncharacteristic spelling mistakes and grammar issues)


“Hi Eric,

Thanks for the email.

I am on Base conditioning now for the next 4 weeks now, I’m on the 16 week program, I do the NRG set twice a week….Have to say, on paper…looking at the excerises/routine for the 16 week program, I didn’t think it would do the job for me, but I am very happy to report, that this is great, I really feel the difference, between the nutrition and training manuals, and the free videos, articles etc, I have drop some amount of body fat, I have noticed how fit I have become…. I just needed to get past the body building mindset, this is adding strength gains to me, I think it is the proper program that is helping me.

Main thing is that I feel it is benefiting me for martial arts, even though I don’t compete anymore, I feel ready for the ring at the drop of a hat, I can train hard with this, get the benefits and still be in good shape to perform if required, any other program I was on, gave me results, but I was always knackered and sore, this is doing the job for me. Most of my training is in the mornings before work, so I always bring the printed sheet with me to the gym and get things done.

Great investment,

Again thanks for your program, worth every cent!




“”Thank so much for your help. so far, i’m getting close to finishing the corrective phase. i can see a change already in the way my body reacts to grappling and my boxing coach has been wondering what i’ve been doing to gain punching power. he said he didn’t think i could hit harder hooks and uppercuts but i do now. all the core activation and single leg work has for sure been the cause of that. thanks again for your help.



And finally, here’s a fight video of a win by Rocci Williams, who’s been featured on before. Rocci’s been following my programs for a while now (no sound so safe for work):


Here’s the other prize:

Throwdown Fight Shorts (Courtesy of,
$59.99 value + Free Shipping in North America)

Your opponents head will look absolutely stunning as his face turns red as you apply more and more pressure on his neck with your vicious triangle choke in these new Throwdown Pin Stripe shorts, courtesy of the good folks at :)

Be sure to head over to their site and browse what else they have – there are some good deals on there:

And here are the Prize Packs:

Grand Prize: Ultimate MMA S&C Deluxe Program + Throwdown Pin Stripe fight shorts ($156.99 value)

Second Prize: Your choice of the Ultimate MMA S&C Deluxe Program OR Throwdown Pin Stripe fight shorts (Better pick the program or I won’t talk to you ever again)

Third Prize: Whatever is left over.


“Ok, ok, ok. So how the heck do I win already?”

This is where it gets fun.

To make this a game of skill, the winners will be the people who correctly pick the winners out the following 4 fights on the main card:

  1. Liddell vs. Franklin
  2. CroCop vs. Barry
  3. Kampmann vs. Thiago
  4. Rothwell vs. Yvel

BUT this ain’t your normal ‘winnner/loser’ bets…

We’re going to go deeper and see how good you REALLY are at picking the winners…

For each fight on the main card, you get points for the following:

  • Correct Winner (1)
  • Picking the Round the Fight Ends In (1)
  • Picking How the Fight Ends, eg. Decision, Tap out, KO/Referee Stoppage (1)
    • Bonus Point for Naming the Method of Tap Out or Why the Ref Stopped the Fight (eg. Triangle, Arm bar, Anaconda, Gogoplata, Kimura, Tap Out Due to Strikes etc…)

So for each fight, you can earn a maximum of 4 points.

You can’t lose any points, you can only earn points for each correct pick, so make sure you think hard before making your choices!

Winners will be announced after the UFC is complete.

Here’s my entry (don’t worry, I can’t win).

1. Franklin, 2nd, KO
2. CroCop, 1st, KO
3. Thiago, 3rd, Decision
4. Rothwell, 1st, TKO/Stoppage, (Ground and Pound)
5. Winner, Round, How Fight Ends, (Tap Out/Stoppage Method)

Be sure to leave your entry in the Comments section below in the SAME FORMAT (or you may be DQ’d)…

Let’s get it on!


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  • matt

    Reply Reply Tue, June 15, 2010

    Liddel 2nd ko
    crocop 1st ko
    thiago decision
    rothwell 2nd stop

  • John Williams

    Reply Reply Tue, June 15, 2010

    Franklin 2nd rd KO
    Crocop 2nd rd Submission
    Thiago 3nd rd decision
    Rothwell 1st rd tko/stoppage

  • Linda

    Reply Reply Mon, June 14, 2010

    1.Liddel……1st round TKO(stoppage Ground and Pound)
    2.CroCop……1st round TKO(kick to head)
    3.Thiago……2nd round submission(RNC)
    4.Rothwell….2nd round TKO(stoppage Ground and Pound)

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