What Are Your Flexibility Problems? [SURVEY]

Some are born with it.

Others spend their whole lives chasing it.

I belong to the second group.

How about you?

It’s such a problem, it’s why I decided to pursue boxing over kickboxing or Muay thai. Because high kicks feel like they’re going to tear my hips apart.

But about a month ago, I decided to fix my flexibility problems…

I went to the gym to work the heavy bag. This was one of the first times after I started back after hurting my hand. [Remember the bag of peas on my hand?]

There’s only 1 heavy bag in this gym and there was a guy working it before I got there. I figured with my celebrity status, once he saw me he’d drop everything and let me work the bag to my heart’s desire.

For some weird reason that didn’t work. So I decided the direct approach.

“Mind if I work in during your rest breaks to loosen up?”

“Go ahead” he said, cool-ly.

Probably didn’t want to seem too overly excited to meet me. I understand.

While he was clearly not in fight shape, with his “case of beer a week belly”, he could still kick high and hard.

A hell of a lot higher and harder than me.

That’s when it hit me that I’d better address my flexibility issues once and for all, before I get old and weary and need help putting my socks on.

So for the past month or so, I’ve been doing what I do best – diving head first into the research, into books and into whatever resources I could get my hands on. I talked to friends and colleagues in the industry and got their thoughts and insights.

After hours of poring over the data and pages of notes, I feel like I’ve come up with a big reason why many people have trouble improving their flexibility, despite their best efforts.

If you’ve ever had a flexibility issue that wouldn’t go away with simple stretching, this info will open your eyes.

But I need something first. I have one question for you to answer:

Q: What techniques, skills, exercises or situations do you wish you had more flexibility for?

This is a two-way street and for this topic, I really do need your input and feedback.

I was thinking about doing that thing where I make you leave 50 or 5,000 Comments or I don’t make my next post, but yeah, I think that’s kinda gay. Not really my style.

All I know is that the last time survey I posted on injuries, your votes showed that shoulder injuries are the most common, and I put together that little INDESTRUCTIBLE Shoulder Program for ya.

So I’ll leave it up to you or not to post your answer to the Q above.

But if I don’t get any good feedback, there’s no point in me spending the time to write up an article on the TRUTH about flexibility.

Plus, in the article, I might even embed some pics like this:

Enjoys washing a car in a bikini and flexible? How could I NOT post this?

So for anyone who really wants to know the TRUTH about flexibility, leave your answer to the question, “What techniques, skills, exercises or situations do you wish you had more flexibility for?” in the Comments below:


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  1. D.J.

    My 13 year old who is fit and exercising a lot and is very slim, has no flexibitly. She can;t even touch her toes. She wants to take dance class and fears the other girls will not be nice about her lack of flexibility. She wants to touch her toes. She would love to be able to do the splits, but is happy with touching her toes.

  2. CK

    Need adductor flexibility for high roundhouse / side / hook kicks!

  3. Trevor

    Hey Eric,

    I need desperately need to develop flexibility to play rubber guard in BJJ. Would your hip flexibility program work for that? If not do you have a program that will? It seems like I remember you teaming up with Alan Belcher and offering a program on flexibility. Do you still offer it?

    Eric Reply:

    Hey Trevor,

    The HFS program will work for rubber guard flexibility, particularly the Kneeling Routine.

    Give it a go and let me know your results!

    Of course, if it doesn’t work, you’re free to ask for a refund. But I’m confident it will as I’ve received feedback from others that it helped them.

  4. Mimi

    Eric, I have so much troubles with basically ANY sort of Muay Thai kick above knee level. I have reviewed lots of videos on the correct technique but still unable to perform a decent kick. I feel there are two problems: i) when throwing the kick, my leg (still folded but also if I try with my leg extended) does not reach a decent height; ii) whatever the height, once I rotate my hip I feel like my supporting leg is going to bend towards the outer side.

    My knees are not perfect. Perhaps a little or “vagus knee” although I have no injuries. Also, I am a bit overweight but I still manage to do all other MT things.

    Any feedback?

    Eric Reply:

    Hey Mimi,

    I put together a program called the Hip Flexibility Solution to fix tight hips!

    You can find it here:


  5. can

    same as rain, i want to be able to do a high thai round house kick

  6. rain

    I need for thai round house kicks

  7. trisha m

    I feel like my hips are going to separate from my legs cause its really painful but if I push my self down im afraid I cant walk or something

  8. Rob G

    I have recently taken up kung fu. In the week or so leading up to my first class, I decided to start loosening up. I went online and researched a bit till I found a modest stretching routine, and then dove into it. At first I could barely touch my toes ; after a week or so, I could grip the bottoms of my feet. It was at times painful to do so, but it was looking promising; and then….after about a months worth of classes, I’m left aching with sometimes less flexibility than I started with. I know it hasn’t been that long yet, but it’s discouraging to watch YouTube vids of this guy or that girl who got their splits down in a little over a month. I tried resting, and then different techniques; but my progress seems to have slowed to a crawl or even halted. I would love to know what the $&@?! I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I’m just not being patient enough.

  9. Daniel

    I have been training karate for 15 years and would really like to have more flexibility in general but deifnately for the sake of kicks and things like box splits, hopefully this will lead to both and increase in kicking speed and ability in general as well.
    Thank You,


  10. Sam thorne

    I love karate. I would love to do the splits both front and box , so that I could kick higher and faster and of cores with more power. Can you help me with this
    Thanks .

  11. Lisa Bowers

    I’m a 3rd deg black belt in Taekwondo and I wish I had more flexibility in my hips, speed in my feet and be able to make spinning jumps and lift myself off of the floor

  12. Tom Manuk

    I would love greater adductor, groin and hip flexibility. I think this would help my stability with low stances like the horse stance.

  13. Linus

    I practice wu style tai chi chuan and yes I could do with some more flexiblity.

  14. Francesco Coglitore

    I want to know this becouse i practice muay thai and my hips hurt when i try to raise my leg without streching.im no very flexible

  15. Donavin Hawkey

    Juijitsu – Eddie Bravo 10th planet Chill Dog ect…nuf siad. A Head kick from no where ould also be cool.

  16. Paul

    Same…Muay Thai roundhouse kick and front kick to head.

  17. Eng

    Muay Thai roundhouse kick and front kick to head

  18. Lish

    I’ve been in ballet classes all my life, and when I was old enough I joined a company, but I’m very often find myself struggling to achieve a point of flexiblibility to do my work. In the past I’ve been able to achieve the level of flexibility necessary, but even with the daily exercises I still cannot achieve what might allow me to gain a higher place in my company. I don’t know if its because I’ve reached a ‘limit’ of my body, but I don’t feel any noticeable pain when attempting these things, but I can’t achieve them.

  19. Steve Blinn

    I find it hard to open my hips to properly to execute a spinning hook kick (some call it a back spin kick). I get a sharp pain in the front of both hip joints as I try to extend my striking foot.

  20. Joey

    I have such an issue with flexibility from BJJ to golf my lack of it hinders all I do.

  21. Winston chow

    Beyond for health, flexibility becomes more necessary for martial arts as people experience muscle loss. That, and I’m deeply envious of people who can effortlessly kick me in the face.

  22. Jen

    Hi Eric, I’ve been doing taekwondo for 3.5 years now. My flexibility is not bad, but I do struggle to execute a head high sidekick when standing in a stationary stance. I feel like my hip and abductor muscles are not strong enough. I can do a head high sidekick when in motion. If I manage to do he kick in a stationary stance, I find it hard to have a fully extended kick. Very frustrating at times!

  23. anthony

    because i always wanted to do the splits. and i want to do martial arts. so i need to do high kicks for tae kwon do or capoeira.

  24. Mark

    Hey Eric I have been doing kickboxing for 8 months and while my class mates side splits have improved rapidly mine have semed to go nowhere. So I’m having trouble getting high with my sidekicks. I’ve been stretching most nights. Any help would be appreciated.

  25. Mike

    Hips/hamstrings. My leg dexterity is whack.

  26. t. goss

    Hip flexibility is a problem area for me. I struggle with round house kick.

  27. Justin

    Bodyweight squats to below parallel, throwing high kicks with ease and power, being able to go in full straddle and front split with no problem. Hold position in fully extended high kick front and side without problem.

  28. Seth

    For kicks

  29. Micayla

    My biggest problem is my hamstrings. It affects my lower back and my kicks too. My dynamic flexibility is really good, but not static. It’s not about how high or hard I kick, it’s about recovery after workouts. Quads, IT band, Hammies and glutes on me are the tightest. It’s not really about performance during workout, it’s about recovery after. It would be awesome if you could make something devoted to post workout stretches and recovery. :) Thanks!

  30. Cyclone

    Hi Eric

    I have a few issues with flexibility. Hip flexors for one. Would love more ROM in this area.

    My back another. I’ve have had L4-L5 fused so need to keep my back and core strong but flexible. Training helps but anything else would be great.

    Lastly, I tore my left adductor (or something in that area) a few years back and it’s never been right since. Messes with my kicking height and power as well as restricting flexibility gains in that hammy. Really frustrating!!! I would love to get this sorted and increase the end ROM power in my kicks. Ultimate goal would to get down in the splits and gain a lightening killer roundhouse.

    Any help you could offer would be magic.


  31. Dustin

    Hello, I am diggin your videos they are helpn me out alot. I just watched your stuff on the shoulder program looking to put it to use I have just tweeked my shoulder a bit so this should be some great stuff for me to work on so that this does not happen as easily, even though the stupid gym had me rolling with some one 70 pounds heavier than me I knew that was a bad Idea but I guess ill listen to myself next time even though I dominated him it was just to much dead weight to be trying to through around with my shoulders, that were not really in the best shape to start with. Hahah guess im just venting a little. Well anyways the main reason Im writing you is that I have always been really flexible touching my palms to the ground is a breeze. But I need some help getting my high kick with out discomfort in my hip. When I am doing this my hip sometimes pops and feels like its just not ment to go there. Some ways to improve this would be much appreciated. Thanks

  32. Ka'ohu

    Hi there Eric,
    I would like some excercises/stretches that would help with BJJ and guard retention. Thanks!

  33. i cannot touch my toes bending over, there about 3 inches away ! from my finger tips, i also cannot do basic stretches on the floor because of my tight hamstrings, i do kung-fu, and i want to have as much range of motion as possible in every part possible in my body

  34. Juliana

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for all the informative videos!
    I’m interested in hip & ankle flexibility (and every other part of the body basically).
    My left hip has some problems (didn’t check with a MD yet)… when running long distances it starts hurting after a while (no pain anywhere else) and during training, when performing certain exercises (e.g. leg lifts) it makes this awful sound, but there’s no pain, I just feel some sort of vibration through the body. I guess that could be a tendon or something… This eventually influences the kicks as well, especially high & lateral kicks.
    Maybe stretching can help alleviate this problem.


  35. John Buttner

    I would really like to help my hips “open up”. My groin is very tight and limits my power and speed in my kicks for muay thai. Also, I am very interested in the rubber guard but I cant seem to get that flexibility no matter how much I stretch. One thing I do notice though, is that when I start stretching I have a very sharp pain in my right groin to begin with, but loosens up after a couple minutes of stretching, but if I were to go strech it the next day, its back to being very painful and tight. I read somewhere that this happens because “your adductor muscles (inner thigh) need stretching and strengthening. A lot of strong kickers have developed their abductor muscles (outer upper thigh) much stronger than their adductors which can lead to stress on the adductors.” So I’m also wondering how I can work on this. The main reason why I want to open my hips up though is because I realize flexibility it quite crucial for this guard. So if there is any way you could help me, please let me know. Thanks!

  36. Elroy

    I’m having trouble with high kicks, splits and side kicks I could never get it I tried looking for answers everywhere asking everyone I know but to no avail I can’t get it

  37. Hello, i was wandering if you could help me, i have terrible problems with my hips when i stretch before doing high kicks ect in muay thai, when i sit on the floor in a v shape i cant straighten my spine and have terrible pain in my hips even when i hold myself up with my hands on the floor behind me, also spreading my legs in a v shape while standing hurts even more on the exterior of my leg (hip), any ideas how i can stop this?

  38. jan

    i definitly suck at high roundhouse kicks, so would love to improve there.
    it seems to me that the main thing that’s keeping me from this is my inability to rotate in my hips. i do not even get to the point where i feel a stretch in my adductors/hamstrings because the outside of my hipjoints starts to hurt.

  39. Fawaz

    Because i’m really stiff and can barely open up! Like my friend George said, “All kinds of kicks” I just want to be able to do the splits (Full)
    Thank You

  40. George

    Definitely kicks of all kinds:
    Roundhouse kicks
    Crescent kicks
    Spinning back heels
    Flying knees

    You get the picture ;)

  41. Mårten

    I would like to do high roundkicks.
    My time is running out, i`m soon 43 years old!!

  42. Rabi

    Rubber guard
    High kicks

  43. Scott

    There are three kinds of flexibility that have eluded me even if i stretch for 45 minutes a day: back flexibility (the ability to back bend), shoulder flexibility (turning my shoulders behind my head), and hip flexibility (any time I try to do the lotus stretch my hips start to pop out of the joint). I’ve pretty much just accepted it at this point and worked around it where necessary.

  44. Ben

    For my muay Thai and MMA training, I want to be able to do high kicks

  45. Josh

    Rubber guard

    High kicks


    To feel good about myself

  46. venkat

    hey eric,
    i need great flexibility to perform power high kicks.as bruce lee says”kicking is more powerful than punching”.but i could barely perform a roundhouse kick

  47. To avoid being “ouchi-mated” in judo, I need to have a very flexible hip flexor and femoral bicep.

  48. Hi, eric this is jalil from pakistan a mixed martial arts trainer i have buy your some programes about strength and coditioning, mostly we need it in ground game also in kicks high kick or in jump kicks and also for a comfort life flexibility is a nice tool.

  49. Marios

    Rubber Guard
    High kicks

  50. xavier

    more specific…high kicks, crescent kicks, i have trouble if it gets higher than my mid chest

  51. xavier

    for kicks of course

  52. Daryll imray

    Hip & Back flexibilty for up & down & lateral movement. I am 47 and still play over 35′s soccer quite well, at least my teamates think so, and do CrossFit with a PT once a week and train solo. I do stretch but not sure if what I do is correct to improve flexibility in these areas.

  53. Christoph

    i allways had problems with the flexebility of my legs.
    I was doing Thaiboxing for four years and never was able to do good high kicks.
    My lowkicks and Pushkicks were greate, but no matter of the streching, i couldnt get my legs high enough.
    i’m 1,90m and 90kg and my legs are less flexible then my friends who is 1,80m 120kg o.O
    I stopt training during college but i’m just getting me in shape again at home.
    Now i think about start with boxing because of my bad flexebility …
    So my problem seems to be just the same u had :D
    Whats the answer? ;)
    Now that i found this website i need to see that INDESTRUCTIBLE Shoulder Program :D

  54. Catia

    Always have worked to have good flexibility. As I’m very light, head kicks always seemed to help to compensate and gain some advantage over the other fighter.

    In my case, my dynamic flexibility is good, what is lacking is the static flexibility, which I have been chasing for so long.

    Gave it a few minutes to really think about WHY I would like to have my static flexibility increased, and honest thruth and as vain as that may sound, I think its just for confidence purposes.

    In competitions, I see other fighters warming up & stretching and red flags start going on in my brain:
    ”Woaw he/she is so flexible so they must be a much better fighter than I am….”

    I guess it shows that the person is dedicated and pushed through the long stretches in order to get there.

    I am not claiming that to be a good fighter you must be like an elastic band. Far from it. What I am saying is that when facing an unknown opponent, my brain automatically assumes so :-)

  55. Elliott V.

    Sorry, but I belong to the first category. The belly I grew from being a new father has made it a little more difficult, but I can still get the leg higher than about 90% of the people out there. Still, I am always interested in hearing about new stretching techniques.

  56. Harry Waller

    I was once a very good kicker, I would like to get the flexibility that I had, but I do not have 2-3 hours to streach and kick like i did.

  57. Like you – I want to be able to put my socks while standing up.

  58. Techniques: 20 years ago I could kick high. 20 years later I struggle to kick period. :)
    Skills: I used to play Goalie and could do stretches to stop a puck at dynamic and explosive quickness. BUT… if told to stretch in a static way to replicate those saves: NO CAN DO. Never. Even when I was 18 years old!!!. I want to hold a static stretch like a goalie!
    Exercises: All the Muay Thai kicking Exercises I dread because of kicking. I need more flexibility because MT isn’t as fun anymore.

    And of course BJJ. I can’t old a triangle choke without feeling i’m going to pull a back muscle or tear hamstrings, quads, and every muscle below my head!

  59. Tom

    for brazilian jiu-jitsu and every day activities i’m 62 and seem to stiffen up when I sit or stand for short periods of time

  60. Timothy O.

    I would like to work my flexibility for my martial arts and just simply to feel good about myself

  61. richie

    love to have more than a devastating shin kick haha..

    had tom kurz stretching scientifically for a few years now, his approach tends to dominate the way you can train however, with specific modes of training done on specific days.. i guess it wouldbe fastest to focus all your training on getting flexible, but probably not practical for most.

    be nice to see if there was a more ‘covert’ approach that might take longer but still be effective.

  62. Louise

    I have never been able to bend backwards

  63. Jeffery Rasmussen

    I have zero flexibility, so I guess I need it for all facets of my game.

  64. John booher

    I would really like to be flexable enough to play my rubber guard more. I can get rubber guard but just barely. Also would love to get a higher kick.

  65. Jodie Hansen

    I need to be able to crouch and stretch out to look under equipment when I’m repairing it. I find my hamstrings and glutes are really tight (and not in that good way) – also my achilles tendon..

  66. J Luis

    Is evident that any martial arts style requires or demands good flexibility in order to perform and excellent techniques. I’d say my high kicks are ok, what I’m struggling is with my knock out power, and need to improve is my stretching/flexibility for jiujitsu; legs, hips, arms and shoulders mainly.
    Thx. Eric ‘the Great’ !
    Any input is appreciated as always

  67. Daniel

    I need more flexibility for all fighting games

  68. EnzanNoMetsuke

    Jiujitsu & grappling, but flexibility can also help for general injury prevention and well-being

  69. Ash

    Need more flexibility in kicking and ground areas

  70. Bénito

    Need more flexibility for ground work in judo

  71. itai sharon

    my week spot for flexibility is my crunch and my thigh.

  72. Lawaun

    Tight hamstrings and hip flexors!!! when I squat those come into play big time

  73. Roland

    Hamstrings are tight for me, and they’ve never been loose. I’d like to do cool bodyweight exercises, like one legged squats, and straight leg leg-raises. I can do 4×10 leg raises but with a little bend at the knee, and also at one legged squats my bigger problem is where to put my other leg and how, so my flexibility holds back my progression.
    I always stretch after workouts for 30sec-1min holds, but I don’t seem to progress anywhere.

  74. Danny

    I struggle with a lack of hip flexibility related to throwing head kicks. I can get the kicks to head height (barely), but in order to do so I end up sacrificing my form (and power) to get there. It’s something I’ve been working on for years.

  75. Patrick

    I have two problem areas. My shoulders, and with them particularly being able to hold them upwards without rounding my shoulders. This is my biggest obstacle at the moment in the pursuit of the Iron Cross.
    The second issue is with my hamstring/glutes and whatever else is on the backside of my leg/thigh. It’s tight as a guitar string and nothing I do can seem to loosen it up. Any tips would be well appreciated!

  76. Ken

    I compete in tournaments with my taekwondo association. I need greater flexibility and mobility to kick to the head. In addition to flexibility in the legs, I need something in order to improve flexibility in my low back.

  77. Luke

    I’ve been doing a lot of work on my No-Gi Jui Jitsu and would like to start working on some of the ‘Rubber Gaurd’ techniques by Eddie Bravo, however, i’m finding that i struggle with groin and hip stretches, which i think is really holding me back.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated and taken on board.

  78. Kyle

    hip, groin, leg flexibility for kicks, and would also help with rubber guard

  79. Scrappy D

    Pretty much the same as you, HIPS. I can’t really kick very high and hard and I can’t squat very deep. I remember your article on the goalie exercises to improve hip flexablility but and it helped but kinda plateued and I still have hip flexability problems. I think this would improve my kicks, takedown defense, and ground game.

  80. Steggybhoy

    Hip and leg flexibility for muay Thai. Been training for a while now and am possibly going the way you went by ditching the Thai and changing to just boxing. Low kicks are fine, but anything above is just uncomfortable.

  81. John F. Thompson

    I’m 50 and I box. I’ve done sports all my life. Hockey, Football, 10K running races, squash etc. I started boxing when I was 35 and really love it. It fits my lifestyle and erratic work schedule and as an old guy I can help out with the younger guys in the gym who really have the potential to go places.
    I’ve had really good coaching throughout the years and believe I warm up and stretch properly pre and post workout. The overuse of my right leg boxing has caused problems with my psoas, glutes and various fascia around the right hip and lower back. I have pretty good flexibility all around except my hamstrings always take a long time to get any length to them. I am stronger and faster, by any measure than I ever have been in my life.
    How can I improve my flexibility to prolong my usefulness as a sparring partner for our young boxers?
    I’m not ready to just hang out with the other old guys yet. I recently saw your contribution to Fighting Fit magazine, congrats, good work.

  82. chris

    Need more dinamic stretches.

  83. Johnathan

    I can’t wait for this one. Much needed. Hamstrings, hips, lower back, shoulders…I am very stiff everywhere. I contacted you about this before so I am very excited to put this into my routine.

  84. Jcab

    Flexibility for MMA. For the grappling portion, I have trouble at times wrapping or weaving legs through. For the striking portion, I’m more in need of flexibility with getting my leg kicks higher (i.e. – reaching the head).

    Flexibility in the shoulder.

  85. Keith

    As an older Taekwondo practitioner (I hit 40 this May!)…I’d love to improve my hip and leg flexibility to kick higher and faster.

  86. Iain

    I am already ‘very’ flexible due to 20 years of martial arts and Yoga. Basically I just want to know what you know as stretching has become a bit of an obsession for me over the years and I am always interested in new viewpoints or ideas.

    I am more than happy to trade information with you. For example, for flexibilty improvements ’5 minute’ hold stretches are what I have found to work best. Isometrics (as recommended by Thomas Kurz in his book) work too, but if not done right can cause injuries, so needs to be done with caution.

    Biggest thing I have learnt though is to not work beyond ‘your edge’ when it somes to flexibilty. Always listen to your body and ignore your ego when stretching. It is too easy – especially during a martial arts class, to push too far with your stretches.

    I ignored all the minor ‘niggles’ for years, then after 15 or so years I started to pay the price with knee, hip, upper and lower back problems. All caused by pushing too much when stretching.

    Iyengar Yoga helped a lot when this started happening. This system is not about the flexibilty it is about the alignment. Probably the best Yoga for martial artists, it is basically Physiotherapy.
    Not at all airy fairy like some Yoga can be. Give it a try.

  87. hi eric,

    i need more flexibility for high and round kicks, x- and de la riva guard.


  88. tim urquhart

    Im 43 and a Black Belt in Taekwondo,I do traditional stretches,dynamic,static,assisted but not as often as i should which is half the problem i guess,Im wanting to compete in Pan Pacifics at the end of this year,and need to develop my headshot game. My main question would be how hard can i push my muscles?,and how often. Im 100% commited to flexibility improvment as of now,Cheers Tim

  89. David

    Hips and ankles.
    I recently sprained my ankle and it is taking a long time to heal.

  90. Seb974

    Hi Eric, I have flexibility issues for high kicks and for the rubber guard (my favourite guard so far). I can kick hard but I wish I could kick higher and have a rubber guard like Eddie Bravo (maybe I’m a bit too optimistic!). I can’t perform the “sorcerer” or the gogoplata without feeling a pain in my knees.
    Can’t wait to read your next post.

  91. ronald parra

    sup,eric as 4 me ive bin trying da splits to get more flexabilility so i can throw high roundhouse kicks. but it doesnt seem 2 be working

  92. hi eric,

    i need much more flexibility around my hips!!! for better high and round kicks, x- and de la riva guard.
    i strech every fucking day and started with yoga 4 month ago, but i still have the same problems!!


  93. Steve

    hip mobility for me. it’s always been lacking

  94. tom

    hellom mate hip flexibility, i can kick high but it leaves my hips sore, is this because of the rotation in the joints , i would like to no more cheers mate

  95. Cameron

    I do martial arts (Hapkido) mainly for self defense. Now I’m never going to use a high kick in a self defense scenario but I also like the art aspect and being able to kick high is the schiznit! Also, I do realise that the more flexibility I have the easier it is to kick lower more power.
    Flexibility in the hip area would be a great topic for me. Whether it is flexbility or mobility. Either or.

  96. eric

    i wish i had more flexibilit for submissions and head kicks i think its where i’m lacking the most

  97. Chris

    Def, for kicking to the head, MT style. Also have difficulty kneeing above the umbilicus.

    Also for tying my shoes for a couple of day after DL days in MMA ripped! ;)

    Been working flexibility with Tom Kurz’ video from the 80s. (which is probably the last time I was flexible enough to do a semi-decent attempt at a side split.

  98. Leo

    I wish I had more flexibility for…

    Grappling (omoplata, gogoplata triangle choke)
    Spin kicks, front kicks, high Thai kicks

    Butterfly Stretch (Abductors, Glutes)
    Not looking like stiff piece of meat in yoga class…

    Situations: Overall, I think that flexibility is that one item in your toolbox that can allow you to capitalize on your opponent by sneaking in unexpected kicks from close range, or squirming in/out of difficult ground techniques. By no means do I aspire to be a Beijing Acrobat (which would make for a difficult partner to roll with, but the ability to effortlessly connect a foot/shin to my opponents face would be awesome. I get massages regualrly, and do SMR (foam rolling); which have helped my dynamic flexibility. Yet, I have hit a wall with the static flexibility…

  99. Chris Pintado

    I need help with flexiblility around the hip and legs area as I actively participate in amateur wrestling tournaments yearly. My flexibility is fairly well but it feels like its limited sometimes and I feel it more as I head in my 30′s. Knowing this in further detail will help my flexibility throughout the rest of my years down the road. There’s days I feel younger and days that I feel stiff. I still do what I can to maintain my youth with flexibility even with yoga, but I like to go further and see where my flexibility can take me (without any injury of course!!!)

  100. Ken Scalf

    Hips and knees! I’ve been working on one-leg pistols like the hard core kettle bell trainers advocate, but either my hips won’t let me or my knees feel like they are going to explode.

  101. Steve

    Hips, ankle and trunk. Hips from old age and arthritis (hip dysplasia when kid never noticed). Ankle – broken leg just above ankle and still not as moble as other after dozen plus years. Trunk…rotation around the spine for many reasons – old, never really work on it. But is needed for most activities (golf, baseball, hockey, etc).

  102. When I read the question I almost shouted KICKS!! …then i remembered that I’m in Spain and I don’t think you’d hear the answer ;)

    However being able to kick people in the head may not be as important as overall health and as a desk jockey I’d like to improve back and neck flex.

    Thanks for all the great material!

  103. Steve VB

    Excellent topic, the main area for me is the hips, my instructer always make comment on how he is going to break my hips, the lack of flexibility really affects the hight and power of my kicks as well as making my compensating muscle groups feel the burden, as a constant though affect my ability to relax which effects my speed, which in turn effects the power i can deliver.
    So Eric, I would like to nominate the HIPS…

  104. Sahand

    I train Jiu jitsu and I have major flexibility issues. especially in lower back, glutes. I have been told that I have hip and thoracic mobility issues but no matter what stretches I do it does not seem to do much.

  105. Whilst I would like to be able to wash my car like the girl in pic …. Like you I have trouble kicking high, I used to out this down to my age (51) but after a motorcycle accident recently (yes some of us old farts still ride like we are 18!) I had to put the weights aside for 6 weeks and figure something else to do, I realized my flexibility was shite and need to work on it. I have been training Shinbudo for 10years and I still have trouble getting the kicks up – would love develop that area big time. Plus Shoulder flex is a huge issue as well from too much boxing but I am doing your shoulder program a lot more and with my clients and this has helped heaps thanks Eric!

  106. richard bennett

    more flexibility in my knees and legs for my mma training

  107. Andy

    Everyone I know hates splits. But in addition my lower back ( which coincides with toe touches and crunches ) will ” warm up ” after ten to twenty minutes of calisthenics. But an hour after exercising and for certain by the next day is either stiff again – or even slightly sore if I have gone all out.
    Fortunately I’ve only had one semi- serious back “strain”or “pull” and that was over a decade ago. Before and Since then no problems except the persistent need to spend a lot of time warming up to do what most people think of as routine back flexibility movements.

  108. Andrew

    High kicks and would love to be able to touch my toes!

  109. Ed

    Hi Eric , I would love to be able to kick high, improve my triangles and.fix my anterior pelvic tilt

  110. Scott Ishihara

    Sure high kicks would be great, they look cool and always get a big reaction. But for function, my main reason for wanting better flexabillity is for jiu jitsu. Loose hips in all directions is something I’ve been working on for a while. Shoulders are inportant as well. Then neck and back for general overall health. Thanks.

  111. eman

    i would love to improve my flexibility to throw high kicks..that way i could open up myh game a little more because when i spar everybody knows i cant kick high so they dont worry about it…and also for jiu jitsu so i could pull off alot more triangles which is my favorite submission

  112. Randy

    Hi Eric,

    I have done some research and believe based off my findings that I suffer from ankle immobility in my left ankle. I have an early bunion on my left foot and am unable to do pistol squats. I am tall at 6′ 2″, and I have read that can contribute to not being able to do pistol squats. I have been living in barefoot technology shoes exclusively since December and to my amazement my feet now measure a 1/2 size smaller, four months later! My bunion also appears less pronounced.

    thanks for the excellent site and the scientific research to back up your claims!


  113. jc

    Better high kicks and ability to perform the splits. Same thing in Muay Thai, head kicks were always open, just hurt like hell to throw them.

  114. justin

    same situation you mentioned with yourself..higher & harder kicks.

  115. i have problems with flexibility in my hips and this really bothers as i love to squat and i get this irritating discomfort around my hip flexor area every time i really i go low on my squats. so, yeah i really need more flexibility around my hip area.

  116. Ben

    I wish I have more skills/techniques/exercises for hip/leg flexibility in order to do high and powerful kicks

  117. Charlie Auva'a


    I would like to have better flexibility in my hips for high kicks when training Muay Thai, as well as when training jiujitsu.


  118. Charlie Auva'a


    Like you I wish I had more flexibility in my hips to easily hit high kicks when training Muay Thai. Also for jiujitsu.


  119. Ron Cooper

    Opening up the hips and lower back.

  120. Allan

    Wow Eric! Did you see the number of posts. Flexibility definitely has a dark side. There is much information on the web and in books, but how reliable is it? I can’t wait to see/read your take on it. Personally the more flexible I can be the better. This will be most beneficial during my Shotokan Karate forms where kicking high and smooth always leaves a stong impression on the judges.
    Much Respect

    Eric Reply:

    Hehe yeah this post seems to have struck a chord!

    I guess you guys (and gals) are all in the same boat I was in – standard stretching routines just DON’T WORK.

    More to come… Stay tuned!

  121. Tyler

    Hips, Lateral Bending. I spend a lot of time pushing myself off the floor, with my hips flat, and trying to flex my lower back, other similar excercises and while I seem to get temporary flexibility, as soon as i sit or lay down for 30 min im back to stiff and hurting. Thank you in advance!

  122. Murdo

    Hi Eric, would like to improve my hamstrings, hips and lower back, i train at muay thai but my high kicks are waist height. Never really been very flexible so maybe a full body work out.

  123. Dan

    My lower back and hammie’s are super stiff and don’t seem to loosen up with stretching. Better flexibility will help my jits.
    Brown belt

  124. Cliff

    I have never had much flexibility with my legs/hips. Either bending over or with my kicks, I have never had much flexibility and age isn’t making it better.

    Short answer, legs and hips. (hammys have always been a little tight even when stretched and warmed up)

  125. Sam

    Yo Eric,

    Total legs flexibility and back flexibility (or is it mobility??)…LOL…

    Sometimes my hips and my back feels stiff as an iron bar whereas on other days, it is as loose and flexible as it can be…WHAT’S GOING ON???!! LOL!!

  126. Mark


    I am retired Marine 55 years old and have taken up martial arts again about a year 1/2 ago with my 8 year old son. He can do the front/side splits on command. Although my felxibility has gotten better and I can almost do the front splits, but have not made any more progress on the the side splits no matter how much effort I put into it. Believe me I have the discipline to do it, but not quite sure how to get there. I can do front/side/back/crescent kicks to the head, but round house kicks I can only do right side with little power and the left side hows the saying go “forget about it”.

    I would definetly be interested in this I have done massive amounts of research and taken tidbits from Kurtz, Elastic Steel, but still can’t correct the imbalance of the right side being more flexible than the left side. Plus it would interesting to see the how, why, what and when to stretch as it relates to (static versus dynamic stretching). Currently I do dynamic stretching right after my warm up to work outs or training and static after. However, I am not quite sure as to the sequence and how much to do.

    It would be interesting to see what you come up with on how strength plays a role in regards to flexibility as I seem to get more flexible as I progress through my strength and conditoning periodization program.

    I just started to do your goalie work out and I am starting to see a little more power in the round house kick. Thanks for the routines with the barbells as it relates to balance as I improved that ten fold and the Crazy “8″s which I turned into the Crazy 30′s which has improved my cardio immensly.

    Looking forward to this one as I have been waiting for something on flexiblity from you as everything else you have thrown out there has worked for me.

    Keep up the excellent work & I applaud you for sharing your knowledge and interacting with us on our needs.

    Semper Fi

  127. Kathryn Lutra Brinkerhoff

    I am of medium flexibility if compared to the general public but I have low flexibility compared to other dancers. I would like to be able to kick high with a straight leg (dance style, so pointed foot and power is not necessary) and also to do a back bend. So that’s both front and back of the body.

  128. salih baki

    I want more flexibilty for kicks, flips and turns.

  129. John Tisdale

    I want to have a better high kick. As I have aged my head kick is a shoulder kick.

  130. Joe

    I would consider myself on the far upper end of flexibility for men in my age range (30). However, when rolling, and doing kickboxing pad work I find I can always use more range of motion/flexibility in my hips. Specifically, I mean the movements my legs can make, how they can pivot, how far they can extend laterally up for down. I adhere to a regular stretching regime. I find that when I try and do the side splits it is very difficult to keep my hands off the floor as supports. I feel like this means my hip muscles are weak and inflexible. When I drop my hands I can get my crotch like 4 inches from the floor, but when I straighten up and bring my hips forward it’s more like a foot (that’s like 30 centimeters or something for you metric people). Also, as lots of neck cranking happens in jiu jitsu and I work at a computer most of the time my upper back needs some work. I am not knowledgabel about anatomy or physiology, but I would guess like my traps and rhomboids (?) needs some loosening. Well, I’d also suppose that I’d need to loosen my chest muscles as well to let my back pull me into alignment, since I’m hunched over at work quite a lot. So, I’ve got hips, upper/center back, and chest/shoulders.

  131. Allan

    Definitely concerned with Back and hips flexibility and better kick and balance.

  132. Kyle

    I am most concerned with hip and hamstring flexibility to throw better high kicks.

  133. Mayer

    I’m looking to be able to throw high kicks mUch easier and get more power behind them, and also be able to use more techniques from jui jitsu that require more flexibility that what I have.

  134. Omar

    For grappling and wrapping my legs in the triangle around oponents body to control them without strugelling with flexibility issue

  135. Leinz

    I remember watching a bruce lee (or look-a-like) film.
    When a young kid approaches him and asks questions, he just says: kick me.
    The kid kicks (a fast side kick towards his head)
    He just answers “No …” and tells what the kick should be like… and so on.

    That hit me like wham ! I wanna know how to do that.
    Kicking with force isn`t the prob, It`s really flexibility.
    But all I do is the same old stretching routine and it´ll never get me to do better.
    I´m also confused about when/how to do stretching and so far I do it after jogging…

    A liitle program-plan that works and I bet I`ll skyrocket =D

  136. Lee

    I would like to be able to do the splits, for the simple sake of being able to do them. Otherwise, I do wish to be able to kick higher, and have better hamstring flexibility

  137. Mike

    I need it to keep up with my child but even more so i need it to be able to throw more kicks and higher kicks in muay thai

  138. Graham

    My problem is kicking high and trying to get power in the kicks when doing this. I also have problems when trying to do splits.

  139. gary

    I need it to enjoy just to keep up with ny 2 1/2yr old monster;ive had alife of matial arts an keeping strong an the flexibility at 47years is more an more important to keep moving
    by the way cheers for the shoulder stuff its working mate
    Regards Gary

  140. Bob

    Round kicks, side kicks, and middle split

  141. Jose A

    I need flexibility all around. My quads and hamstrings are tight, My back and shoulders are tight. I really need surgery or a new body.

  142. Kris

    I would love better flexibility for kicks above the waist. Also better ham, calf & low back flexibility.

  143. aaron reis

    hip flexibility for both splits and high kicks and also for jiu jitsu when you need that flexibility to pull some funky moves or escapes off.

  144. Tim martin

    I have always wanted to be able to do the splits and the frog stretch(bringing my hips all the way to the floor.) I think it would help with my high kicking and just my kicking in general. I do not have to much trouble kicking high at the present moment, but, sometimes I have to get allot of momentum behind it, mainly my hook kicks, as opposed to just lifting my leg and snapping it out there.

  145. beau

    kicking & grappling skills

  146. Steve

    I practice capoeira and I wish I had more flexibility for:

    1) the spinning high kicks and roundhouse kicks.
    2) changing levels from high to low and back again.
    3) crouching movements.
    4) backward bending movements such as bridges

  147. Nindz

    Certainly would be interested in leg flexibility, though for functional martial artist an all round flexibilty program is the best, with an emphasis on legs

    Again in a program format would be good, as all there are currently a list exercises
    No detailed interperation of how often, how many set/reps a day etc

  148. Ted Jones

    Flexibility for higher kicking and better flexibility for all aspect of BJJ. I would love to be able to do the full splits.

  149. Colter

    I am looking for the same thing as you Eric trying to increase the power and height of my kicks as well as being more flexible for rolling.

  150. I mainly need it more in my legs and hips. I grew up with football coaches adding more and more weight to me and no focus on stretching. I seem to have problems with my hip flexors. I need it for kicking higher and for jiu jitsu. My lower back is real tight when I do the butterfly stretch as well.

  151. Chris

    Hey Eric.

    Like you I need more flexibilty for high kicks with power and also rubber guard.

  152. GViera

    Outside of my hips. I can go a gymnast split fine but getting to a full straddle seem to be impossible for me. I want to be able to put some balls on the ground.

  153. Michael

    Definitely the hamstrings and lower back!!

  154. Pepa

    For my lower back and hamstrings, lower back primary and secondary hamstrings, when i do side splits for adduktors, im always limited by hamstrings.
    PS: maybe calves a bit, but you said it´s not good idea to stretch them so is here any good stretching for them?
    Need it for BJJ/MMA.
    You are the best trainer, thanks!

  155. Alex

    I have flexibility problems. I can’t even touch my toes with out bending my knees. Also I’ve tried to meditate in the traditional position and due to my inability to flex I quickly get uncomfortable and it breaks my concentration. I would really appreciate some feed back in regards to flexibility and how I can improve it. I know you want some details on why or for what reason we desire more flexibility but not being able to touch my toes should be self explanatory. Thanks for your time and I hope you get plenty of feed back so we can all better ourselves.


  156. nelson

    kicking high, have better upper body movement, better foot work, better core flexibility, would really like to do v-ups,

  157. Alan

    I find my lack of flexibility, primarily in my legs and hips, is limiting my training for obvious reasons. I want to be confident knowing that I can call any of the weapons I have in my arsenal without limitations.

    There are so many different opinions and programs out there that talk of improving flexibility. I have yet to find an thorough routine that addresses my needs.

  158. Sally

    I wish I had more flexibility for shoulders and backbends

  159. Doug

    I have several students who cannot get full depth on bodyweight squats due to poor flexibility. I’d like to learn how to improve that for them in a structured program. Also, personally, I would like to have better spinal flexibility so it’s easier to slip punches and transition while on the ground.

  160. Keith

    Almost ANY situation on the ground from my back. Wether its getting a sweep when im held down in a modified scarf hold, to pulling out some rubber guard. Also high kicks, of course. thanks.

  161. Wilson

    I am not quite flexible although I do taekwondo, I cannot perform full splits but do have good dynamic flexibility. I suppose one needs strenght to lift the legs but flexibility improves speed and technique.

  162. Ross

    Definitely hips, hamstrings, etc…for grappling. Do a bit of Yin yoga currently, which helps a bit…more insight would be appreciated.

  163. Ricci

    I need flexibility in my hip region and the legs for high kicks specially high side kicks, also the shoulder region would be nice to have it more flexible. For mma this flexibility is important, not only for kicks but also for grappling.

  164. Jeff

    I’ve never felt like I’ve had flexibility issues. After a good jits session or Muay Thai session I don’t have any trouble getting my nose to knees in my hamstring stretches. I usually hit some hams, quads, piriformis, and foam roll after training to avoid any back pain from playing guard against heavier training partners. Now after all this, I’ve never been able to do any kind of split or get my knees to fully open for my butterfly stretch. I would like to be able to perform these primarily for jiujitsu but I feel like my progress has been in stasis at best. Please help.

  165. Stu Furay


  166. Fred

    I am extremely inflexible but especially need more looseness in my hips, groin, lower back and thighs. I don’t need to do much high kicking but need to be able to deliver good, fast mid to low level kicks.

  167. Mark

    I been looking for a decent book on flexibility but with no luck, after a few months doing bjj I have found flexbility is key and according to Eddie Bravo to be a black belt in bjj you should have great flexibility, i would love to do his rubber guard techniques (missing groin and hip/ hamstring flexibility). and as you said Kicks (sidekick, round house kicks) on the bag would need greater improvement for me too

  168. Javon

    I would like more hip flexibility for higher and wider kicks.

  169. Jim

    Need flexibility for middle to high kicks but also need it to be quick and powerful. Currently to do a strong high kick I feel like I need to schedule it in advance. I know static stretching robs strength and quickness, but dynamic stretching done wrong can cause injury. Any insight on how to throw the middle to high kicks with quickness, speed and power would be appreciated.

  170. Mark

    Without a doubt the shoulders are an issue for me. More flexibility would be nice to combat that ‘upper cross syndrome’ that I didn’t even know existed until I began to follow Eric’s programs.

  171. gnarlmaster

    I have found I need alot more flexibility in my Hips, hamstrings and lower back, esp when grappling. As I get older, working the guard and it’s variations does a number on those areas. And if I am working on Rubber Guard and or other positions that require alot of flexibility, I feel it in the adjacent joints that should not be part of the stretch (i.e. knees in rubber guard)

  172. Paul

    Hi Eric

    I love the picture of the woman above and it inspires me to ask – how do you train for side and front oversplits?

    Also, is being able to do oversplits beneficial to MMA fighting?

    Lastly, I have heard that it is possible to jump up from side splits, how would you train for this?

    Yours respectfull

  173. Matt

    For TKD I would like to have more flexibility side and round house kicks. I’m 42 and the legs and hips just keep getting tighter and tighter.

  174. bob garrett

    Just to be more flexible would be nice. I have never tried the heavy bag – just for that reason. While I do have some knee problems (It’s just been the last two weeks that I have been able to do lunge where I can get my knee down to the ground) I would like to get flexible w/o doing any more damage.

  175. Dylan

    I have bought alot of eric`s programs but any excersise remotely like a squat my hips and ankle flexibility let me down. I find ive been able to fix all other body flexibility/mobility issues but just cant god damn fix my body for anything like a squat. (especially Olympic squats)

    Dylan Reply:

    Oh yeah, sucks for wrestling and takedowns as well :(

  176. William stitzel

    I wish I had more flexibility in my hips for doing triangle chokes and more flexibility in lower back or pelvic region for doing squats. Thanks Eric your the man

    Jeremy Metcalf Reply:

    Not being able to get triangle chokes has a lot to do with the angle.

  177. My shoulders and hips need more flexibility. When grappling, if my opponent gets my shoulders in a pin, I out! My kicking whether on a bag or sparring tend to be low. Low, of course, is useful, however, I would like to send a mid level kick with ease once in a while.

  178. Alex

    Flexability has always been an issue for me. Got into martial arts at 34.
    I stretch everyday after I either work out or run. I have been trying to do a full chinese split but have not been able to accomplish it. I’ve tried a variety of stretching excercises but cannot seem to
    Pass the plateau. I train in the following arts: tae kwon do, muay thai, kick boxing, boxing, bjj, and wrestling plus weight training.

  179. Nick

    Definitely hips, lower back and shoulders. Sitting at a desk all day takes its toll…

  180. Stephen

    Hips! As I’ve gotten older, they’ve jseemed to get tighter.

  181. James Fiddler


  182. My goal for 2012the is to be able to do a head kick. Please help!

  183. Jérémie

    It would be cool to have some guidelines about what flexibility would be optimal or the minimum to do this or that move (example : high front kick).
    I lack flexibility trying the rubber guard sometimes. I also have trouble with my leg adductors flexibility because I injured myself a while ago. I would like to have more upper body flexibility because everyone knows the exercises to stretch the leg (except for the PNF).

  184. Chad

    I have kids who don’t have enough flexibility in their hips to squat properly and can’t sprint over small hurdles. My biggest challenge Is hip flexibility too !

  185. Robert

    My Hamstrings and hips seem to give me the most issues, they just never seem to want to loosen up. The shoulders would be great as well.


  186. david Lee

    I do some gymnastics (rings, handstands, floor exercises). Some MMA, some weights. I need more shoulder and hip flexibility.


  187. Claudio

    Hi Eric

    Some more flxabilty for my guard work in jiu jitsu would be nice, also hamstrings and hip flexors as i get a lower sore back from time to time.

  188. Rene Fugere

    Good day Eric,
    I wish I could be able to do overhead work, like snatch in your olympic lift training

  189. Bob

    I’m 60 with several previous injuries connected to a car accident and army service. I need more flexibility in my neck and spine to allow me to sleep better. I no longer practice martial arts or box but still follow much of what’s going on. Tks.

  190. larry

    i m pretty flexible actually so if i needed to be more flexible for sth ??? it would be to do the full split but that would be for my very own pleasure

  191. Ian

    Hey Eric, Great stuff

    I would love to be able to execute round kicks to the head with ease, and like a few said flexibility in everything else. I train in Krav Maga and love surfing so increase flexibility would go a long way for me

  192. Matt

    Axe Kick

  193. Nick

    all manner of high kicks.

  194. norrie

    Stiff as a Board

  195. mike

    Roundhouse Head Kicks, Front Push kicks to the face

  196. I stretched and stretched and now I feel like I am hurting everywhere specially knees and lower back

  197. William

    Being over 50 years of age, throwing high kicks are pretty out of my repetoire. I don’t know if it is the age with my hips or incorrect stretching exercises. I wish I still had the ability to deliver those high fancy kicks again. If for nothing else, just because of my age I think it would be eye opening. Thanks. Bill

  198. V

    I wish I had more flexibility in my spine – especially my lumbar spine. I’m a TKD blackbelt and a brown belt in Kodokan Judo. Three months ago I started studying Aikido. In all 3 cases, I’ve had trouble with my abductors, my hips, my low back and my posterior chain (I get pain in the back of my left heel, the top of my pelvis below my back, and at the base of my skull – all on the left side). This affects stance, footwork, break falls, and general mobility.

  199. Stan

    I would like to be able to kick high and hard with no warm up, splits, and flexible in the waist/QLs.

    Athletic flexibility over display flexibility if I can only have one. Not just legs either, legs, back, shoulders, full body.


  200. Dan

    Would be great to get some info for hip n hamstring for kicking and bjj, can get a fair height but only after a BIG warm up n stretch plus on how to keep a good technique while kicking high like the perfect spinning back kick thrown by barboza. Great biomech breakdown btw.

  201. jedri

    Dude isn’t the point of flexibility to be flexible in all areas of movement? why concentrate on one thing when by definition your only flexible when its trough all ranges of motion. I want to know what is the best type of post work out stretching to do that wont require an additional 20 min (the DOMS are killing me)… commitment to sorting out my flexibility is my biggest issue as i have heard some say do dynamic stretching before a work out, and callisthenics work better then static stretching but the time and willingness to commit to the one or the other is insane.

  202. Cork-boi

    I seem to be flexible the whole time regardless of whether I warm up or not. Although I have never been able to do the splits (side or front), I can still kick above my head height (just). It’s not a big issue for me but I’m always hungry for info on S&C so keep it up!

  203. jan-h

    for High kicks and jiu jitsu as i get sub a lot due to fflexibility

  204. chris

    Side splits and lack of sufficient rotation in thoracic spine area

  205. Hanelle

    Mainly yoga, I think, and all types of stretching. I not completely inflexible, but I’d love to be able to do a side split and reach my upper body all the way down to the floor.

  206. John

    Hi Eric,

    Hip flexibility is the major concern whether for kicking, cross-body to floor or to overhead movements. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  207. Gaz

    my hamstrings mess up the most easily and are the hardest to gain flexibility without injury

  208. Patrick

    Hi Eric, after having Ostitis Pubis I’ve had a lot of trouble stretching my groin, adductors and hamstrings. Doing conventional static stretching almost feels like I’m going to tear it after more than a 10 second hold! The higher my kicks go, I tend not to get that “straight leg” so hope there;s other techniques that can help! Cheers mate, like the blogs!!

  209. Rajat Desikan

    Hi Eric
    I play cricket. In this game you have to bend down and pick up the cricket ball from the ground while you are sprinting. In that context, I wish I had enough flexibility in my lower back and hamstrings to accomplish that. I will wait eagerly for your report

  210. chubey

    Basically more flexibility in the hamstrings would be nice, they are the hardest to get flexible and keep flexible, I do alot of yoga but the flexibility is really slow coming the hamstrings. Open hips and groin would also be useful (and probably connected with the hamstring flexibility) and would be good for BJJ.
    After rehabilitating my shoulder from your last post I am concerned about getting caught in komuras and omoplatas and having the shoulder overstretched, stretching the shoulders is a contentious issue. I have flexible shoulders but am not sure of the best way to warm shoulders up or even if they should be stretched before BJJ or boxing class.
    But the hamstring thing seems to be the main boundary for getting kicks higher and is the slowest flexibility to improve over time.

  211. Craig

    Hey Eric

    I’m pushing 40 now and need to remian flexible to continue with MMA. I am looking to grade in BJJ and hip/hamstring flexibility is a problem for me. Knee, hamstring and shoulder injuries are close friends, I’d like to sort those out.


  212. Bruce

    Hi Eric, how about lower back and hip dominant exercises along with some strength issues that usually go with this area.

    A lot of high kicking always leaves me as tight as a rock.

    Thanks Eric for all your great work and time

  213. Ian

    I have made the choice to stretch more so I can do the splits, it’s always been hard to do and I’m 40 this year so I want to achieve the splits before my birthday, by doing this it will also encourage my students to train harder as well, and also improve my side kick for height.

  214. Guy

    Hey Eric,
    My main issues that I have, though it seems that I have a ton, are with my hip flexors. Though on occasion I have trouble with high round house kicks, I have been experimenting with adding crescent kicks (Mikazuki Geri) into my kickboxing for the last few months. My hip flexibility though is so poor that within 15 to 30 kicks my technique goes to shit.


  215. chris

    Hi Eric i get real trouble with my side splits so that kill’s my round house and side kick and really hurts up into my lower back hope you can help Chris

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